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Big Fat Panamite
Its Here ... Panama Day !!!
Mon May 14, 2018 13:45

Hi Folks,

Well Here we are... Even though people in the Fake News Mainstream Media are proclaiming today as Jerusalem Day and celebrating by shooting Palestinians and the Palestianianists are calling it Al Naksba or Catastrophe Day, lets not be too confused to remember that the days real historical significance is as Panama Day the 70th birthday of yours Truly -John John Al Naksba Panama. The most hallowed anniversity of when I popped out of my virgin Mothers patootie witnessed by shepherds, UFOs and a chorus of low rent angels hired by my earthly semi-daddy in front of the Bethleham Home Depot just two miles east of downtown Jerusalem.

You didn't know I was born in Bethleham? Well sorry I didn't mention it. Just like the Fake News MSM falsely claimed Obama was born in Hawaii instead of Kenya, they have covered up the circumstances of my most holy birth.

I didn't say anything because that US Passport is worth beaucoup bucks you know.

Anyway, today is that special day that will be remembered for eternity and I hope you got all your friends and me especially a nice Panama Day present, preferably something made of gold silver or platinum....

Also as this the day of me achieving my three score and tenth anniversary, I'd like to make a few acknowledgements and observations...

First a callout to my mom and my dad (God the Father)... Dudes you were awesome. Thanks for making me me instead of some loser chump like those guys reading this. Or Emile. What a clown...! He thought he could rival me but even though I dubbed him Lord Ram that was just a concilation prize for me stealing most of his chicks.

Also thanks to Amrita for being my henchperson, allowing me to be the nice guy while she was the bee-otch, lol.

Also thanks to Joan for keeping the books and giving me the weekly blowie, but thats our little secret or it was until now, lol.

Finally thanks to my wife Jeannie for being my faithful celibate companion while I bonked all those young chicks in my new Panamaite group down in Ojai.

Anyway no Panama Day would be complete without a substantial contribution to the Panama Recreational Marijuana and Nitrous fund...

Send your $1000 checks c/o Jeannie

1313 Southside Cemetery Dr.
Ojai CA 93023

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