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getting it not talking about it
Tue May 15, 2018 00:34

talking about it is a beside the point
getting it is the point

the consciousness of the teacher is half the story
the other half is how bad you want it

the teacher can only be as effective
as the power being pulled through him

spend more time pulling, listening, receiving

pull the power in and you'll walk away with it all
the energy is there for you if you open to it

make yourself useful to the work
get beyond you seeming form of limitations
and you'll light up

the inner is a vast place
you need to access the right levels
to make it work

    • Panamite nonsense Anonymous, Wed May 30 06:45
      Who needs a teacher if you can pull truth from a random bum. Increase your knowledge base and di your practice and you'll be fine. All things come to those who wait..
      • you need a teacherOnanymous, Fri Jun 1 23:45
        until you realize you don't the teacher frees you from the teacher ultimately there is only YOU
        • You don't need a teacher Anonymous, Sat Jun 2 15:23
          Unless you think you do. Or. If you think you need a teacher, you probably don't need a teacher. If you think you don't need a teacher, you just might need a teacher LOL
          • Actually Planama Hlat , Sat Jun 2 16:38
            If you tell someone they need a teacher, then you're the one that needs a teacher!
            • To further this nonsenseThe bus Furthur, Wed Jun 6 14:35
              Everyone needs a teacher(s). The problem is GOOD teacher are hard to find.
              • Ramana Maharsi Login show email adddress?, Tue Jun 12 06:51
                Didn't need a teacher. So not everyone. But truly there aren't many good ones.
    • So why are talking about it?Anonymous, Tue May 15 02:48
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