You don't need a teacher
Sat Jun 2, 2018 15:23

Unless you think you do.


If you think you need a teacher, you probably don't need a teacher. If you think you don't need a teacher, you just might need a teacher LOL

  • you need a teacherOnanymous, Fri Jun 1 23:45
    until you realize you don't the teacher frees you from the teacher ultimately there is only YOU
    • You don't need a teacher — Anonymous, Sat Jun 2 15:23
      • Actually Planama Hlat , Sat Jun 2 16:38
        If you tell someone they need a teacher, then you're the one that needs a teacher!
        • To further this nonsenseThe bus Furthur, Wed Jun 6 14:35
          Everyone needs a teacher(s). The problem is GOOD teacher are hard to find.
          • Ramana Maharsi Login show email adddress?, Tue Jun 12 06:51
            Didn't need a teacher. So not everyone. But truly there aren't many good ones.
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