Senior Mud
What doesn't seem to be common knowledge
Wed Jan 2, 2019 14:34

but is known is that "enlightenment" such as in zen, is a state of consciousness. In zen they talk about kensho and great enlightenment, inferring a shallow awakening and deeper awakening. But in zen they also spend a lot of time on learning to think correctly. And they talk about integrating one's awakening with their intellectual understanding after awakening. Realization (awakening) and actualization (integrating). So you have your level of awareness and your intellectual understanding and emotional maturity. The awareness part is separate. You can have an awakening of awareness and it basically doesn't change your intellectual understanding. So you still have all that crap conditioning from before because you never had a teacher who taught you how to rebuild that. And you spiritualize your ego and come up with crap ideas like "I am God" or "I am Krishna" which are not very helpful and crazy. John was/is very conscious, that part wasn't a lie. There were others in the group who had that as well and because of that, they knew that John had it as well. But that's not enough. You have to rebuild your mind so that the mind reflects and uses your new level of consciousness. John never did that. He just made things up as if he was the first person to ever wake up.

And like many other self-taught "gurus" he wound up making horrible choices and mistakes which piled up and eventually his students abandoned him.

Enlightened awareness isn't something you should use to get more sex with. Students look up to a guru and can easily be manipulated. Nor is it something to be used to get money from people for your own selfish ends. This is where having a good understanding of life comes in. Where your mind is worked out enough so that you have good values and common decency. So you really do have some sense of what the divine wants from us. Where you learn to use the universe to tune your thoughts. God knows what are good thoughts and what are crap ones.

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    Yes there was something going on, but having joined the group with the intention of being a yogi I found that the more involved I became with the group the less time I had to practice the meditation... more
    • What doesn't seem to be common knowledge — Senior Mud, Wed Jan 2 14:34
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