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Lightning Amen
Thu Mar 18, 2010 16:45

I'm gonna miss ya AMEN, you were a light in my darkness

  • I will she's down the road (nm)BW, Wed Mar 17 04:58
    • I miss you pappaRosie, Sun Jun 21 21:14
      happy ftahers day I miss you Pappa and i always and forever will love you,,, from rose E
      • I miss you pappaRosie, Sun Jun 21 21:16
        happy FATHERS day I miss you Pappa and i always and forever will love you,,, from Rose E,,, ROSALITA
    • Lightning Amen — obadiah, Thu Mar 18 16:45
      • The truthDR LIVE, Wed Nov 23 00:58
      • Re: Lightning AmenAnonymous, Thu Jul 7 15:15
        Charels Mchugh is a convicted meth dealewr, gun toting child molester who ran a cult of drug crazied former Mansonites Hope He burns in Hell
        • amenobadiah, Thu Jul 7 18:12
          F you. FREAK.
      • Amenamensdaughterjoan, Mon Jan 3 16:11
        I met Lightning Amen 34 years ago and have watched as many people either listened and did what He said or rebelled and did things their own selfish way. Those who made a commitment to living like... more
        • 4menj-zeus, Wed Dec 9 12:28
          Why do ppl wish to judge lightning either way ? They had their choices ... unless they were posssesed In the bible it is stated GOD IS LOVE which requires a circle of energy ... ... yet THE LORD is... more
        • lightning strikesBrother Raphael, Wed Nov 5 22:33
          look at the Christ family logo a star of david split by a Nazi ss style lightning bolt. 89% of the cult lingo borrowed from the Manson family the Harley connection to the hells angels the meth lab at ... more
          • the familyliving a holy life, Thu Nov 6 07:39
            I see messages where people say "they were all drug addicts" or "Amen was a convicted blah blah blah" It's mean and not true. Those of us who continued in the way He taught are bright and shining... more
            • Holy Lifeboxcar-johnny, Fri Nov 7 06:46
              I Met LightningAmen in OKLA CITY, at the JESUS HOUSE. He had a Huge Yellow School Bus. (I may have met NOT Hugh, but a AMEN BROTHER is Still EXACT SAME as LIGHTNING-AMEN!) The HE Giave me ROBE &... more
              • BEAUTYFILL for MUSIC heals EVERTINGboxcarJohnny, Fri Nov 7 06:52
            • ~TRUE ~ASSOCIATION LIVINGflightning1, Thu Nov 6 21:29
              hAnji Bhai Sahib, LIVING a Holy Life is an essential FOUNDation..A Pure Vegetarian diet w/o Any recreational Drugs, alcohol, etc.. Being Kind hearted, Loyal & Completely Moral in every ThoughT, Word... more
        • Lightning Amenobadiah, Tue Jan 4 08:56
          You are so right Sister Joan. I didn't know Amen very well, I only met HIM a couple of times, but when I did get to talk to HIM HE shook up my world. I miss HIM dearly.
          • Over the years that I've been invloved with Lightning Amen and the Christ Family I've seen so many things, but above all one thing stands out. Those who truly gave their lives to God and were seeking ... more
            • OXjeromebauer, Sun Jan 9 16:32
              Life is real... and fullfilled in the Lightning Amen Yahwey
            • Re: Those who know Amen and the Christ FamilyNostrildamus, Wed Jan 5 16:57
              Personally, I never met the man, so he might be the exception, but in every cult I know of, the defenders make the same excuses and blame those who criticize as not not applying themselves, and not... more
              • My opinionAnonymous, Wed Jan 5 21:23
                Lived with him for a week. Loved that the women rolled the smokes and food. They were over zelots in attacking churches.
                • Christ Familyobadiah, Fri Jan 7 18:10
                  I miss those days, wearing robes, bear feet,...
                  • You had bear feet?ninypoop, Sun Jan 9 12:33
                    Did your mom mate with a bear? Did you get corrective surgery? Have you ever considering going to a nudist festival? It would be a Bare Fete... and quite a feat for you.
                    • bear feetobadiah, Mon Jan 10 09:22
                      Yeah, my feet are bear feet, only it was my poppa who mated with a momma bear, I have nice pointy claws and can really climb trees in a heart beat. I love honey, and picnic baskets. My friends call... more
      • AmenVirginia Reyes, Sat Apr 10 09:43
        I am very happy to hear that Amen,Charles Mchugh died.He ruined many live,s including my daughter and her four children and many more with sexually molesting them,his cover was he was god and could... more
        • amentruth, Sun Oct 9 20:29
          he was a fraud
        • RumorsSusan, Thu Jul 7 10:38
          It's funny to me that people can accuse Amen of so many things when they didn't even know Him or were not even around Him. Lightning Amen always taught us that No Killing No Sex and No Materialism... more
        • Amen did not molest anyloneannonymous, Tue Jul 5 15:00
          Lightning Amen was not a child molester. This attack on Him is from selfish, drunken women who did not quit drinking when He asked them to and then blamed Amen when their lives turned bad. I was... more
          • Lightning Amenobadiah, Wed Jul 6 11:56
            How can they say such evil things about the Lord like that????? Amen was JESUS CHRIST RETURNED, HE WAS NO CHILD MOLESTER.
            • AmenAnonymous, Wed Jul 6 21:26
              Well I spent a week with Amen. I certainly don't think her was a molester or anything close. The lord in human form? No more than you.
        • Lightning Amenobadiah, Sat Apr 10 09:52
          I personally never experienced any of those things you mentioned. No sisters tried to seduce me, or brothers for that matter, everything was on the up and up. I'm sorry that bad things happened to... more
          • Amen is deadPrivate, Mon Jun 14 13:41
            Well, I am glad that he is dead also, and it takes an awful lot of bad deeds for me to say that about any human being. He can jump in the same hole with David Koresh, Warren Jeffs, all those... more
            • Lightning Amenobadiah, Mon Jun 14 14:03
              You might be glad he is dead, I'm not, I miss the LORD
              • Phony BastardPrivate, Mon Jun 21 06:47
                Amen was not the LORD, he was a phony, manipulative bastard, and you obadiah, are a fool. Wake up!
                • Lightning Amenobadiah, Mon Jun 21 07:54
                  Amen was the Lord as much as John was God
                  • Phony Lightning AmenPrivate, Wed Jun 23 13:56
                    John is not God either, are you smoking crack?
                    • JOHNobadiah, Wed Jun 23 18:30
                      I don't use drugs or drink alcohol, but I will say Amen is the Lord like John is God.
      • Rumor is he passed on a few weeks agoBig Toad, Thu Mar 18 22:19
        any confirmation?
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