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Thu Jun 19, 2008 10:29 (XFF:

(whats with NY ?)

From: Gary Krasner
Subject: Updates and news on exemptions

Just to update you...

...on stopping Bill A10942---the one that would automatically make
mandatory for school all vaccines on the CDC's recommended schedule
for children.

The bill was not placed on the Health Committee agenda yet. It may not
be. But many are concerned that there might be an attempt to do so
during the last committee meeting before the session ends at the end
of June.

To prevent that from happening, activist Lisa Rudley, 914-944-7273) is asking Albany residents and
members that are close enough to travel there, to contact her before
meeting in Albany on June 24 (Tuesday).

June 24th is the date of the last Health Committee meeting. It is
hoped that another showing of parents might discourage any committee
members from pushing A10942 out of committee. Contact Lisa for time
and place to meet in the capital.

Lisa reports one piece of good news: Our religious and medical
exemption bills are reported out of committee and you can inform your
Assembly members that they can vote for them.

Also < is constantly putting
out alerts to notify us of what bills are being discussed. I would
strongly recommend getting on their email list. AChamp is revising
itís website and could use some volunteers to help review legislation
going on in NY state and nationally.

There are many people to thank, and will be thanked soon enough, for
making the trip for the Albany rally.

In the meantime, you can read what Lisa described what occurred that day:

A group of Westchester moms (including me) and one mom from NJ met up
with 250 parents in Albany on Tuesday. A large group from Long Island
and Albany were there. There was a lot of press covering the story. We
had a great chant going: My kids; my choice..Rita Palma from Long
Island did a superb job in organizing this rally and sent parents out
to talk to our legislators. There were hundreds of us combing the
halls of the legislative building. Mark Alessi, State Senator
who is sponsoring the Philosophical Exemption spoke to us and went on
public record opposing bill A10942 which would add 27 more mandatory
shots to the schedule. At 1PM we all met up on the 8th floor to join
the Health Committee meeting where bills are discussed. In turns out
that bill A10942 was not on the agenda to be discussed. We believe
from a source (which one I donít know) that the bill was taken off the
agenda. Even though the bill was not being discussed hundreds of
parents began taking their sits in the Health Committee meeting so
they could see our faces (it was great). UNQUOTE

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