Restore the patient's right to informed consent
Update June 20th 2008
Fri Jun 20, 2008 14:44 (XFF:

Dear All,
The producer from Fox Reports said the interview with Assemblyman Marc Alessi, Rita Palma (LI parent) and me will be shown tonight between 7PM and 8PM on Fox Reports-Shepard Smith show.

IMPORTANT: I just spoke with Assembly Gottfried's office who is the chairperson for the Health Committee and I was told that there WILL BE a meeting on Monday, June 23 in the Capitol building. It will be held in Assemblyman Sheldon Silver's Conference room which is next to the chambers.
They could not give a definitive time, but said to call back at 4PM which I will do. The bill A10942 is not on the agenda and will NOT be on the agenda (I saw a copy), but there was an amendment to the bill today which means it still has steam for next session. We still need a presence at this meeting. With that said many Albany parents have contacted me and said they can go to the meeting if it is on Monday. The actual time of the meeting has not yet been determined, but won't be until after 12:00PM or so. For those of you who can attend the meeting please contact me via email or cell 917.414.9190. As for a potential rally in NYC, it has not been organized yet.

The philosophical exemption bill is not on the agenda for the meeting, but we should all continue to call, write and visit our legislators to support this bill throughout the summer and fall before the next session begins in Albany. (this session ends next week).

The medical and the religious exemption bills have been moved to the Rules
Committee, which is a good sign that they could be voted on by the end of this session, I am looking through the calendar of bills to be voted on(many bills and not in a good order) and will let you know. As for the HPV no parental consent bill that is sitting in the Health Committee with no companion bill, but we need to continue showing our opposition to this bill.

Please email or call me with any questions. I will not have access to email until later today. Please call my cell 917.414.9190.

Best, Lisa

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