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exempt letter on place of worship letterhead?
Tue Jul 1, 2008 22:05 (XFF:

Hello All,
My child is not vaccinated. I've submitted a letter requesting religious exemption upon request from her daycare. They returned the letter stating that it had to be on letterhead from our place of worship. I will submit a letter stating I am unable to obtain anything on letterhead.

I am aware of the Wexler decision prevents the State from limiting religious exemption to bona-fide members of a religious organization. Why the letterhead request?

Has anyone else received this request?


    • Religious LetterheadMaxxNY, Thu Oct 2 10:25
      make your own letterhead up as ordained by divine providence. how about if you worship in the woods ? maybe a nice pentagram at the top of the letterhead ? the religious exemption is bull. just... more
    • bulltonym, Wed Oct 1 20:23
      They are ill informed like most educrats. How did you make out with this situation?
      • Re: bullgetupstandup, Wed Oct 1 21:13
        Thanks for the reply. We submitted a letter stating that we would not submit another exemption letter and any further request by the State should be made in writing to us. The daycare director... more
        • Re: bullTonym, Thu Oct 2 13:43
          Thanks for answering. I think everyone should post their positive results so parents can see how easy it is to request an exemption.
          • here is the problem . . .MaxxNY, Fri Oct 3 12:48
            if you act like sheep they are going to treat you like sheep. If you act like sheep , and you are subordinate to other mens laws, you do not believe in God so in effect you do not deserve a religious ... more
    • No letterhead is necessary. What counts is what is in your letter. You could write your exemption request on a piece of toilet paper if you wanted to. What stationery it is written on makes your... more
      • Thanks for confirming my feelings. All that you stated seems like an accurate assessment of this request. Will keep all updated as the process continues. Thanks again. G
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