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RE:exempt letter on place of worship letterhead
Wed Jul 2, 2008 06:39 (XFF:

No letterhead is necessary. What counts is what is in your letter. You could write your exemption request on a piece of toilet paper if you wanted to. What stationery it is written on makes your beliefs no more or no less valid. I would suggest not even entertaining them with another letter stating you can't get the 1st letter on some religious organization's letterhead. It doesn't matter. Just be sure you can support your religious beliefs against vax if you are ever questioned about it by "the powers that be".

I'm guessing the daycare is simply unfamiliar with the process or stuck on an old idea & they are simply trying to cover their arses. All the daycare has to do is put your letter in your file in place of the vax record & the State will review your file @ some point & either flip it over & move on - or snatch it up & question you, just to cause a ruckus for everybody. I wouldn't worry about it. :)

  • exempt letter on place of worship letterhead?getupstandup, Tue Jul 1 22:05
    Hello All, My child is not vaccinated. I've submitted a letter requesting religious exemption upon request from her daycare. They returned the letter stating that it had to be on letterhead from our... more
    • Religious LetterheadMaxxNY, Thu Oct 2 10:25
      make your own letterhead up as ordained by divine providence. how about if you worship in the woods ? maybe a nice pentagram at the top of the letterhead ? the religious exemption is bull. just... more
    • bulltonym, Wed Oct 1 20:23
      They are ill informed like most educrats. How did you make out with this situation?
      • Re: bullgetupstandup, Wed Oct 1 21:13
        Thanks for the reply. We submitted a letter stating that we would not submit another exemption letter and any further request by the State should be made in writing to us. The daycare director... more
        • Re: bullTonym, Thu Oct 2 13:43
          Thanks for answering. I think everyone should post their positive results so parents can see how easy it is to request an exemption.
          • here is the problem . . .MaxxNY, Fri Oct 3 12:48
            if you act like sheep they are going to treat you like sheep. If you act like sheep , and you are subordinate to other mens laws, you do not believe in God so in effect you do not deserve a religious ... more
    • RE:exempt letter on place of worship letterhead — Cellaigh, Wed Jul 2 06:39
      • Thanks for confirming my feelings. All that you stated seems like an accurate assessment of this request. Will keep all updated as the process continues. Thanks again. G
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