Restore the patient's right to informed consent
mayra Vazquez Radzinski
Sat Aug 2, 2008 12:56 (XFF:

Thanks, I didn't know it was an option to leave it blank, and I DID unclick the "Show email address" box, but clearly that didn't work.
I was more concerned about my phone number being on the internet. Thanks anyway.

  • Re: myraonfyra@mac.comMaxxNY, Sat Aug 2 10:33
    unclick the box thats says "Show email address?" next to "Email". I just leave it blank, sweetheart . . .
    • Thanks — mayra Vazquez Radzinski, Sat Aug 2 12:56
      • Re: ThanksMaxxNY, Mon Aug 4 10:42
        yes I noticed ... I NEVER Post personal info on the net. Maybe change the number.
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