Restore the patient's right to informed consent
the insanity
Sat Sep 6, 2008 07:50 (XFF:

why do people listen to these alleged "authorities" ? There was drug store up here allowing this. My mother , who you cant reason with decided to get her flu shot. She and another man I know both passed out waiting for it. Im hoping that meant they didnt get the flu shot. I marched in and asked for the release form and it stated that the shots contained Thimerisol.
People need to wake up. And where are the men ?

  • Good Grief...............Cellaigh, Fri Sep 5 19:59 >>>State lets druggists vaccinate customers >by James T. Mulder >Friday September 05, 2008, 4:16 PM >New Yorkers will soon be able to get flu and pneumonia vaccine shots from their... more
    • the insanity — MaxxNY, Sat Sep 6 07:50
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