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Re: exempt letter
Sun Jan 11, 2009 19:27 (XFF:

You can find some on the net, but just about anything you write should be approved. Keep it as simple as possible, state your beliefs about vaccination. ie My personal religious belief prohibits injecting foreign materials into my body. Do not state the name of any organized religion or group. Remember they cannot even question your beliefs, because doing so invites discrimination. New York actually has a form that you can download and fill out. It makes it look more official. Don't let them strongarm or intimidate you. Threaten to sue if you have to.

  • exempt lettersunflower, Mon Dec 29 13:14
    I have to give my son's (catholic school) a letter explaining my religious beliefs and why he hasn't and isn't being vaccinated. Does anyone have an example letter I can take a look at?
      READ ALL THE ARTICLES HERE - also, has an exemption letter you can use.
    • Re: exempt letter — Tony, Sun Jan 11 19:27
      • Ny exemption formAL, Mon Jan 12 10:35
        Tony, where can I find the NY form to download and fill out? Thanks.
        • Re: Ny exemption formAnonymous, Mon Jan 12 21:20

          • Re: Ny exemption formAnonymous, Mon Jan 12 21:23
            Also read
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