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board of ed does the approval not the school?
Fri Jan 16, 2009 23:31 (XFF:

my childs school says that they do are not the ones that approve the request for exemption. They state that we are to request exemption from the board of ed. They also explained that once the board of ed gives approval it is for the whole family and it is valid until the child(s) turn 18 even if you move to another school district. This is confusing to me because I was under the assumption that the principals make the determination so why does the board of ed need to approve. Can anyone shed some light on this?

    • Where are you located? I believe this to be true in New York City, except that the Board Of Ed was abolished and it is now the Department of Education. You should be able to find the forms you need... more
      • Actually its now the Dept of Agriculture , bah bah bah . . . does anybody have an original thought anymore ? You should be yanking your children, not "kids" i.e. "baby goats" out of public school.... more
        • Re: board of ed does the approval not the school?LuAnn Drost, Fri May 3 13:24
          totally agree... just that for many of us.. we can't afford it.. even if we so much desire to do so.. I was a single mother on welfare and they mandated my kids to school ... I couldn't fight it..... more
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