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Provider List?
Tue Nov 15, 2011 05:36

I am planning to start my family in the next year and I am seeking out a pediatrician who will work with me in either my choice to not vaccinate or use an alternative vaccination schedule. Is there a list of cooperative doctors out there? If not, can I recommend that one be started? This would certainly make the search for a good doc easier for all who question vaccination.

Thank you!

    • Re: Provider List?LuAnn Drost, Fri May 3 13:12
      I think thats a fine idea... Hi I'm new here. I am trying to tell my daughter who does not want to vaccinate her children to get very informed and maybe try to find a support group and resources.
    • Re: Provider List?MaxxNY, Wed Nov 16 07:56
      ask the doctors
    • AVOID VACCINES !!!Jade, Wed Nov 16 00:35
      Yes there are doctors out there, who may be more informed, like a naturopath vs. a pediatrician, BUT you need to be firm with whomever you go to what your choice is, and do not be swayed by anything. ... more
      • Re: AVOID VACCINES !!!MaxxNY, Thu Nov 17 11:35
        Yep. Vaccines make you sick in the long term. More money for the Drs.
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