Restore the patient's right to informed consent
Wed Nov 16, 2011 00:35

Yes there are doctors out there, who may be more informed, like a naturopath vs. a pediatrician, BUT you need to be firm with whomever you go to what your choice is, and do not be swayed by anything. I do not go to a dr. that is pro anti-vaccination, but when we do go to the pediatrician I say 'no we will not be doing vaccinations today' (or any day for that matter) when they ask, and they make me sign a form saying that I refused it (fine by me). They look at you like you are from another planet, but the truth is, they are the ones who are so far out to lunch, uninformed and ignorant of the facts.

You can also get lots of info. here:

  • Provider List?dayna_bug, Tue Nov 15 05:36
    I am planning to start my family in the next year and I am seeking out a pediatrician who will work with me in either my choice to not vaccinate or use an alternative vaccination schedule. Is there a ... more
    • Re: Provider List?LuAnn Drost, Fri May 3 13:12
      I think thats a fine idea... Hi I'm new here. I am trying to tell my daughter who does not want to vaccinate her children to get very informed and maybe try to find a support group and resources.
    • AVOID VACCINES !!! — Jade, Wed Nov 16 00:35
      • Re: AVOID VACCINES !!!MaxxNY, Thu Nov 17 11:35
        Yep. Vaccines make you sick in the long term. More money for the Drs.
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