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Kindergarten enrollment
Mon Jun 4, 2012 10:11

I am facing the same issue via exemption form for Kindergarten. and I am curious how "in depth" you letter was?

  • You can read my post below. I had success getting my son enrolled in Kindergarten by using this form. This is after the school nurse really strongarmed my wife by misrepresenting that there was no... more
    • I don't see your post.. I'd really like to read it though. My grandson is to enter school in Suffolk County next year and we would really like to arm ourselves with info and support system.
    • Kindergarten enrollment — Amandaq, Mon Jun 4 10:11
      • exemption letterhealthgirl, Fri Jun 8 15:02
        Hello everyone - I was recently granted an exemption for my son who will be entering kindergarten in the fall. My letter, which was VERY in depth, was reviewed by the school principal and approved... more
        • Re: exemption letterLuAnn Drost, Fri May 3 13:28
          Thanks so much for the info. I will investigate.
    • form?Jen, Sat Oct 31 07:46
      My daughter will be attending kindergarten in the fall. Our exemption letter worked through preschool but wanted to see what you have for kindergarten which I'm assuming will be more difficult.... more
      • exemption letter costblacklab, Fri Oct 23 15:12
        what was the fee for the cfic letter please? I also am in need of one.
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