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Tony M
College exemption
Mon Sep 24, 2012 07:02

I recently returned to college to pick up another degree. As part of the admissions process I was asked to show proof of immunizations.

I am over 40 years old and have had all my vaccinations but after 3 moves I have no idea where any of that stuff is. So rather than spend hours looking for the documents I simply filled out a religious exemption and submitted it.

It was accepted without any questions or hassle.

    • College Religious Exemption LetterLucy Meagher, Wed Jul 2 14:18
      If you could facilitate me with writing a Religious exemption letter for NY higher education, I would appreciate it. We are NJ resident's but my daughter will be attending a NY college in the fall. I ... more
    • coleege exemptionsjoan T, Fri May 24 06:33
      Hello, Can you possible contact me in relation to your writting of your religious exemption letter for a NYS college? You did this on your own, right? What I seem to read is that NYS is expecting so... more
      • Re: coleege exemptionsAnonymous, Fri May 24 11:16
        You can write your own letter but the form worked for me. For both my SUNY college and my sons public school. Whatever you decide do NOT state anything about organized religion just say that... more
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