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Are America's Schools SAFE? CIA Black Ops/Satanism
Mon Feb 9, 2009 01:32


While performing investigative journalism to expose the often hidden horrors of SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY, the sickening account of an elementary school being used as a CIA black op to expose children to satanism (rampant in the CIA and the upcoming "religion" of the NEW WORLD ORDER to be imposed on the world) was brought to my attention.

I responded to the plea of one terrified parent, Diane Morgan, both of whose children were used/abused without parental knowledge or consent in the terrorizing of children in DEARBORN HILLS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL in the Sunman-Dearborn School District in southeastern Indiana.

Her children, Katie and Sean, were both students in this school before it was abruptly closed following an investigation. I spent much time in Diane's home, as she poured out her heart to me and displayed her evidence of what had happened to her children.

She included the fact that the principal of the school, Chris Utter-Heller, was not only the local satanic high priestess of that region of Indiana, BUT her husband, Jan Utter, was active CIA.

And that Chris and Jan BOTH got off scott-free during the investigation, due to his CIA involvement. It became apparent that this was simply another macabre CIA mind control experiment victimizing innocent children once again, and using satanic practices as a catalyst in the process.

CIA satanism has been exposed by many previous victims and their books and reports, including by Sue Ford/Bryce Taylor, Cisco Wheeler, Cathy O'Brien, and many others.

The tragedy is, it does not stop there. It is an ongoing horror accumulating more and more innocent victims continually.

While obtaining documentation on SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY for investigative journalism, I have traveled across America to visit, interview and assist individuals and families being tormented by America's satanists.

My heart was particularly touched by this tragic case of Diane Morgan and her children. Following much prayer, I traveled up to visit them.

Their Pastor was present to confirm their accounts of what happened to their family and their children within the Sunman-Dearborn school district in East Harrison, Indiana. I visited their satanist-controlled school personally.

Both the principal, and many of the teachers, had been satanists practicing in the local coven. The school had been mysteriously closed, following public outrage and investigation.

Because of intense satanist harassment, the couple is now divorced. The husband could not take any more of their terror. The children are still recovering. The son SEAN MORGAN lives a zombie existence due to painful memories, sleeping all day to forget the pain, and up all night (reasoning that "it's safer to live in the dark where they won't find him....")

Another investigative journalist, "DC" Cole, was also carefully following their horror experiences firsthand. The Morgans are now out of Indiana and in seclusion to protect the children, now grown.

The following is Sean's painful account, as told to me by his mother. Sean attended Dearborn Hills Elementary School, as did his sister. Their nice log cabin home was directly across the street from the school.

One day, however, strange things began to happen at school. Sean was taken, without his parents' knowledge or permission, out of class and driven to a nearby home. He was taken down into their basement. It was dark and scary.

In fact, as he later described it to his mother (MUCH later) it was evidently prepared for Satanic rituals!

Throughout the school year, Sean later admitted he was frequently taken out of his classroom and taken to various homes whose basements had been prepared for satanic rituals.

He (and several other children from the school who were targeted who were also exposed to this) was terrorized into silence by frightening statements such as,

"If you DARE tell your parents or friends what you have seen or done, WE WILL SACRIFICE YOU LIKE WE SACRIFICED THIS BABY!"

Yes, Sean admitted later that he was exposed to both animal sacrifice and infant sacrifice in these basements. Tragically, one day he was forced to participate directly in one act of infant sacrifice. His mother, visibly shaken as she shared his horrible accounts with me, told me of the following account.

Sean told her, "Mom, they took me to this basement. There was an altar. And a baby. They put a knife (sacrificial dagger) into my hand, and the man put his hand around mine and the knife, and made me sacrifice the baby..."

His mother showed me the daily school diary he was instructed to keep in his classroom. And there was the entry, in a child's scrawl handwriting, "Today I made a sacrifice..." How chilling, and how tragic.

Diane admitted that, while her children began to behave bizarrely, and acted withdrawn, they said nothing UNTIL Sean came home one day limping in the evening. She asked him what had happened, and he denied that anything took place.

Suspicious, she grabbed him and pulled down the side of his jeans, and gasped with horror. There, burned into his hip, was a clear Satanist pentagram (five pointed star) still bright red from some heated instrument that seared his tender skin.

She admitted, "At that instant, Sean could hold in the secrets no longer. He began to scream in our home and everything began to pour out...the pent up fear, the anger, the horrible memories, it all began to come forth..."

He told her how he had been detained after school by the principal. They took him to the home of one of their local satanist connections, and chained him to their alter. A metal rod was heated in a fire. Sean saw what they were about to do and screamed out for Jesus to protect him.

They taunted him and said, "If you keep using the name of JESUS, we will CUT OUT YOUR TONGUE!" Sean responded with terrified silence...until they began to burn A PENTAGRAM into his hip. Then the screams could no longer be controlled. And once again, they tried to silence him, by warning what they would do to him and his family IF he revealed their secrets to his mother.

Sean realized, however, that he could keep these dark secrets no longer after he came home that day.

And suddenly, everything began to make sense to Diane. The bizarre behavior...the withdrawn attitude...the secretiveness... and more. And living close to the school (in fact the closest house to the school) Sean and the whole family had become a target!

The truth began to pour out. Sean revealed how the principal, Chris Heller-Utter, was the high priestess for the region. (Her husband is reputedly CIA, one organization intensely saturated with active Satanists) How Jim Pierce, the middle school coach, was the high priest. How many of the teachers were also involved. The Pastor and a reporter was called in at this point.

They began keeping a journal of everything Sean painfully revealed. The daughter Katie was able to confirm much of this as well.

I am going to now mention one extremely vivid account Sean gave of a human sacrifice ritual, in which a young abducted son of a minister was sacrificed. (

The former Satanist high priestess of the entire state of Indiana for 17 bloody years, Elaine, who had also previously worked for the CIA as well, confirmed that this type of activity goes on all the time in Indiana...a major Satanist region and stronghold. Elaine admitted that their covens had also abducted many children of Christian origin for their sacrifices. In Indiana, it is apparently quite common, tragically.)

Recounted Sean, "Mom, they forced me after school into a ritual. The principal and the coach were in black robes at the front. A large golden seat was between them." [I will explain more later about "Satan's golden throne" used frequently in rituals across America. In fact, there are more than one.]

"They had a little boy brought in for sacrifice...I got to talk to him for a short time before they killed him. He told me his dad was a minister, and that he was 8 years old [this was in 1990.] The Satanists then led him to the front. As the Satanists began worshipping Satan, Satan appeared in the golden seat. I watched as the little boy pointed his finger at Satan and said loudly, 'Satan, I rebuke you in Jesus' Name!' And Mom, Satan spoke from the seat and said, 'cut out his tongue!' I watched as they cut his tongue out, and he was sacrificed..."

Burned into Sean's tormented memories forever are this little victim's bravery and the price he paid to confess Jesus Christ before this coven. He is truly one of "America's Unknown Martyrs."

And of course you will never read in mainstream news media about such victims of ongoing satanism in America today. Due to the types of people owning the mainstream news media, coupled with complicity from intelligence community/law enforcement heavily infiltrated with satanists whose job is to stop all investigations and cover up such satanic crime, you will not hear THE TRUTH about how rampant and widespread such terrible tragedies are, in fact, across this nation.

The vast majority of stranger child abductions in America, for example, are committed by satanist covens who abduct there unfortunates for human sacrifice. Most of these children who have disappeared will never be found alive again, for this very reason.

My many years of researching Satanism in America have confirmed completely the reality of such rituals.

Cutting out a victim's tongue is quite common punishment among Satanists for insubordination or showing disrespect to Satan or their leaders, as former Satanists have told me frankly. All of this which I have described above is tragically quite common among Satanist rituals, as many years of my personal in-depth investigative research has uncovered.

Although Sean is still recovering from the painful memories and the horrors he was exposed to, as was his sister (and in fact several other families who are too afraid to come forward with the truth) he considers himself blessed to still be alive. Many young people never came out alive. And as long as there is CIA complicity, the perpetrators may never be successfully prosecuted.

East Harrison, Indiana and West Harrison, Ohio, where Sean's nightmare took place, continue to be known as a mecca for Satanist activity in that region where the above horrors occurred.

One Christian family admitted to me that when their children went out to play with the other children on the streets in that area, the children of that area were heard discussing "where the next ritual would be held ..." frequently. Welcome to the dark side of "America the Beautiful." And the painful reality of CIA COMPLICITY IN SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY.

It is because of reports exposing satanism and CIA complicity as you have just read, that both I and other investigative journalists and researchers trying to warn the American public, are frequently the targets of professional CIA COINTELPRO misinformation article writers, such as the more notorious Barbara Hartwell and others.

The CIA does NOT want the American public to know or understand their hidden tactics and infiltration through means such as the above. They will stop at nothing to cover up their murders and victimizing of many in this nation. Simply be forewarned and advised.

-Pamela Schuffert

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