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willpwilson 908
Francis Gary Powers Murdered to Not Disclose Oswald as KGB
Mon Feb 8, 2010 05:26

Francis Gary Powers was accident-ed or thereof, murdered only one week before he was to testify in front of the U.S. Senate Investigation on Lee Harvey Oswald being the first Russian Military officer to interrogate Francis Gary Powers in 1960. Lee Harvey Oswald
appeared in front of Francis Gary Powers during this first interrogation dressed in a full Russian Military officers uniform shortly after Powers was shot down.

So the CIA - MI5 - NSA - KGB - Globalist Rothschild mass (global) murder and mass (global) crime operations are disguised as official Military Intelligence operations but behind the scenes they serve the Rothschild Globalist Agenda to not only monitor all criminal activities worldwide but to also control and to profit off of all or most worldwide criminal and terrorist activities that they fund, create and implement. Like for example their Al-Qaeda terrorist charade that is a media diversionary tool used to create a fake terrorist propaganda diversion to control the un-thinking masses when they, the CIA alphabet soups are the actual terrorists and weapons distributing sources.

Hamburger-ed Patsies by the tens of thousands.

Thus they had Francis Gary Powers traffic copter rigged to crash and to make it look like it was just a random aircraft accident just only one week before his testimony was to be brought out revealing the Russian U.S. Link to a unified global intelligence network that has so far destroyed and replaced more then 170 governments (including the U.S. government) worldwide since the 1940s.

Just like they have rigged so many thousands of other air craft accidents to serve to murder so many, many musicians, politicians, authors, governmental figureheads, and so many, many other witnesses and whistle blowers. Consider that the list of just the murdered musicians and entertainers since the 1960s and for just the United States alone is thought to be more then 1,700 murdered victims.

Many being some of the most famous entertainers in history, like Jimmy Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison, Momma Cass, etc, all verified to have been murdered by the CIA based on a disclosure that I had received from my having interviewed a senior ranking CIA officer in the 1980s who had disclosed this to me during a unique and opportune circumstance.

Jack Ruby and Oswald were both trained (together) in a Russian Military Intelligence facility in 1957-58, located just outside Moscow Russia, according to information told to me from a senior and high ranking executive for the State Department.

Oswald served in these networked Intelligence operations because they are all one and the same when one realizes how these Elitist global banking Mafias control all Military Intel worldwide by controlling the global banking system that funds these authorized mass murder for mass
profiteering operations. Remember they literally stole the Inslaw intelligence software under the Bush Crime Family's auspices, and murdered many witnesses including investigative journalist Danny Casolero and as well as Robert E. Lee Lewis, alias Bob on the Job, who they had him disappeared shortly after his having been released (in 2002) from a four year illegal detainment at the Joplin City Mo, Federal Detention Center Psychiatric Facility.

Bob on the Job was an investigative reporter for the Americans Bulletin News located out of Medford, Oregon in the 1990s and Bob had been writing and reporting for the Americans Bulletin since the late 1980s until his illegal detainment in 1998.

Bob Lewis had served as the lead investigator on the Kennedy Assassination under US. Senator Charles Percy in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Bob on the Job was illegally arrested apparently under the orders of Bush Senior. The unwarranted Bob Lewis arrest came about just before Bob on the Job was to bring out the Bush Crime Family's intent to defraud the American people with nationwide voter fraud in the 2000, and the 1999, elections by their controlling the (electronic) and other voting systems throughout the entire country. -

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eric stewart Thu, 10 Jan 2002 09:29:41 -0800

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