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Tue Mar 16, 2010 09:50

My videos of The Kevin Smith Show interview with Eugene Erlich 15 3 10 on the Cleveland UFOs =

EUGENE ERLICH alerted the world to and filmed the CLEVELAND UFOs which have been seen for 11 nights in a row,
the lights were seen even as he was being interviewed.These lights are the same as are being filmed by ALISON CRUSE in PENNSYLVANIA, as she found out when she spoke with Eugene.
Alisons ufos from Pennsylvania

At the Maitreya site of under "star signs" there are many pics and videos of this anomaly. = share-international.orgs vid = {the object I have been filming is at 20 seconds in in this video}.

These things are similar to the object ive been filming above my home for 14 months = = ..butlincat

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