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willpwilson 908
"They Live," next to us, underneath us, and all around us.
Wed Mar 17, 2010 03:18

March 17, 2010
"They Live," with Roddy Piper. Read on.
Written by Will P. Wilson who is the producer and the host of the All Day Live show that appears weekly on local Seattle cable television channel 77, and on-line by streaming Web-cast from Friday nights at 10:00 pm and Tuesday mornings at 8:00 am. Co-hosted with Keith Ljunghammar and Don Grahn.

This "They Live," movie link truly reveals as to what types of "Theys," comprise the NSA, the FBI, the CIA, the MOSSAD, the Bush Crime Family Nazi Global Hierarchies (Skull & Bones), the Pedophile and Mass Murder for Mass Profiteering Networks, the heads of the so called Governmental (Crime Syndicated) Infrastructures, and Banking Crime Networks. And, why these "Theys," hide in deep subterranean complexes. Just like bugs hiding under rocks.

The earth though is merely a gigantic crystal and everything that goes on down here and in here is apparently being observed by the "Those," who are observing this planetary matrix.

Consider that it is more then likely that the (most likely to exist), Galactic over-seers are now preparing to thoroughly begin to exterminate and to eradicate these (earthly based) parasites and (parasitic Elitist Illuminati realms) very soon in order to start to purify this planet.

Yep, seeing as to how this entire Governmental and Infrastructural Corporate-ized system is now inundated with these types of "Draconian-Ashkanazi-Karzakians and Reptilian-Shape-shifters," the movie linked below: "They Live," by Roddy Piper makes (reminded and worried) sense.

And, where is Roddy Piper today. NO one seems to have seen him since about the time that this movie came out. Search Results 1 - 10 of about 290,000 for Reptilian-Shape-shifter.

China is now becoming thoroughly aware of these Ashkanazi-Karsakian-Zionists, who are the minions to the Rothschilds and about who and what they are, and that the Chinese are now realizing that these Earthly based Galactic parasites are planning to destroy and to enslave the entire "HUMAN," race at this time.

Any one reading this report, possibly you have already viewed the movie "They Live," as that Mike Shupe during the five years that Mike had produced and hosted the "Closing the Circle," program at as that Mike would regularly show excerpts from the movie. So due to the fact that Mike Shupe had been trying to wake up us humans to this Earthly Menace Crime Syndicate, they had Mikes Closing the Circle canned last year after five years of broadcasting on the SCANTV local channel 77, and on-line from SCANTV.

The whole perspective as how incredibly corrupted and out of control
and drugged, whore-d, pedophile-d, robbed, tapped, enslaved, destroyed
and degraded the entire system has become, that these "Theys,"
are at this time fully intent on mass murdering, destroying and enslaving all of us.

Consider the re-preponderance and reminder of the "Them-s."

Us the unknowing, the fluoridated, the mercury-ied, the toxic,
the Chem-trailed, the Psychotronic-ally Destroyed, and
Dumbed Downed, will need truly and at this last few minutes
of this phase in our planet's history, will wholly need to be
some how provided with out of the matrix assistance (from
a living God) to possibly be enabled to do something about these "Theys."

The Northwest United States and in particular the entire state of Washington is inundated and completely controlled by Satanist Lucifer-ian Covens all the way to the top of the entire Washington State's infrastructure including most of the Washington State Government and Judicial system.

You are not allowed to even have a low level government maintenance job unless you are a member of one of these Satanic covens.

Consider that the Stevens Pass - Mount Index region, located in the North Central area of the State near to and east of Highway 2, is located one of the super gathering places where yearly, hundreds of thousands of these Globalist Elitist Satanists converge from around North America and from around the world.

To gather and to converge together in order to carry on their human sacrificial rituals (timed by solstice and equinox dates and times) in these deep underground ancient cavern systems that are juxtaposed to a very held secreted ancient pyramid complex that only these secret societies are allowed to know about it's existence and about these vast cavern systems that are also located underneath this pyramid complex.

So recently in the media a women and her son just for some odd reason somehow disappear under extremely strange circumstances. Search Results 1 - 10 of about 238,000 for Shantina Smiley.,0,6651388.story

What do you think the possibilities are that belay to the very likely chance that Shantina Smiley and her 8-year-old son Azriel Carver are the victims of abduction to be used in these human sacrificial rituals that are part of this very hidden yet mainstream so called Satanist populous who live and reside here in the Northwest?

The Spring Equinox is now underway and this time of year marks a key date on the calendar for the Satanist and Lucifer-ian secret societies (that inundate this Northwest region) to begin their Spring Equinox Human Sacrificing. Vernal Equinox Mar 20 2010 1:32 PM EDT

The (Goldendale) Washington Stone Henge is known to be a regular meeting site for human sacrificial rituals that ties to the heads of this state's entire reigning Lucifer-ian (Crime Family ridden) matrix.

Results 1 - 10 of about 564,000 for stonehenge washington

Why are there so many retired heads of the Governmental Intelligentsia Bureaus like for example the many retired heads of the CIA and the NSA that have located themselves here in the State of Washington?

Apparently due to this region and this State being one of the main locations for these North American based Satanist hierarchies to be enabled to carry on their Human Sacrificial Rituals, their rampant and on going pedophile networking, their money laundering, their drug smuggling, their basic over all human degradation and sexual and human sacrificing activities in the seclusion of the Northwest pristine wilderness areas and in their deep underground cavern systems and subterranean complexes.

This pyramid complex is located at the corner of the King and Snohomish Counties and it sits near to the edge of a lake whereas, it is actually a complex of structures or to be exact, a series of white granite orbs that are apparently and approximately eighteen feet in diameter and that are positioned in the form of a pyramid laying side by side inside this hidden and ancient domed structure.

This domed complex is comprised of approximately 109 or so of these huge white granite orbs that sit inside this well hidden dome that is not visible from the air.

This dome is surrounded by old growth timber that is growing on top of a huge rectangular type of ancient stairway (these are ancient rectangular structures that are more then one hundred feet in length, and that are mostly partially buried with ancient old growth trees growing on or around this gigantic stair way. A stairway that goes up the side of the mountain side that goes up this dome where these ancient orbs are located.

The dome faces directly south and at the end of this dome is a smaller exiting view of the lake whereas this dome with the gigantic orbs inside of it is located approximately eight miles due east of highway two and from the town of Scenic Washington. The only way that anyone can approach it is either by the cavern system that links to it that only this Satanist Hierarchy is allowed to know about this, or by hiking on foot through some of the roughest terrain in the state of Washington.

Later I will be providing more reports on the (Mels Holes) that dot the Western Washington Region including inside the Seattle and Tacoma City limits whereas one for some odd opened up in front of a home West Seattle in the 1950s that had to have gigantic boulders used to plug its opening up with.

These Mels hole were made famous by the Art Bell report and interview with a person named Mel who had owned a property located near Ellensburg Washington. where this hole went straight into the earth and had no bottom. There are apparently and approximately 28 of these holes that are located (now completely covered over) within the city limits of Tacoma Washington. Search Results 1 - 10 of about 353,000 for mel's hole. Mels Hole 1 of 15

Driving late at night a few years ago (on highway 520) I witnessed an incredible display of traffic coming from and or near the Bellevue Microsoft complex at a time in the whee morning hours when any type of traffic should not have normally been visible. The immensity of this traffic was that of something resembling the end of a Super Bowl event. Also noticed that night was a huge amount of traffic coming from the region of Enumclaw Washington, and I had checked the news papers that next day and there were no known festivities of any kind resembling or thereof relating to this amount of traffic being observed at this time of day.

A few weeks ago on the night of the Full Moon, I had noticed that right at midnight that most of the night spots located in Kirkland Washington all emptying out. Many or most of these locations customers had visibly observed leaving in droves from these night spots to go somewhere else. Where were they all going? Why were these upper crust patrons all leaving to go somewhere else? Why are only specific types of people, (if they are people) allowed to have wealth and employment here in the Northwest and what about these secret and hidden hierarchies that reign and control this entire Northwest region? 2010, February 28, 16:40 Sunday morning.

Several construction workers once had mentioned to me (several years ago) who were construction workers who had worked in the construction of the Microsoft complex (located in the Bellevue and Kirkland - Redmond area) that are facilities that are located in Redmond and Bellevue Washington had mentioned that they had worked in deep underground linked facilities and they had noticed non human type being in these areas of these deep underground complexes in areas that were off limits to these (human) construction workers.

Also, several people who usually commuted down the highway 520 corridor in the early morning hours had mentioned that they had witnessed what appeared to be non human types of entities driving in vehicles that were observed leaving the Microsoft campus.

These same types of observations were also noted being related to the Boeing complexes as well.

Also, mentioned to me were the circumstances of Boeing being tied to this vast Satanist network and that there are locations on or near the Boeing complexes where human bodies or thereof, people who were sacrificially murdered thus being buried on or near the Boeing company facilities.

Especially burial sites that are linked to to the Everett Boeing Aircraft facility. Especially linking to areas where this very complex Satanist community is located (just by coincidence?) near the Boeing complexes where these Satanists are also known to be cannibals, and human flesh eaters. It gets a lot more poignant and I do not have enough time right now to report all that I have observed but this report is a start.

Also, shown to me are the communities of Satanists that live near the Boeing facilities, and that the Boeing Black Box facilities tie keenly into vast underground complexes that appear to merely nests of Satanists and Lucifer-ian memberships tying directly to the heads of the Boeing company.

Washington State provides the perfect environment for this all powerful Satanist (Crime Family infrastructure) Crime Syndicate to be able to do what ever they want to do including their literally defrauding and destroying anyone that they deem a target like for example here is just one example of what they can do and their is no one or group who is capable of standing up to them, who is not a part of the Satanist Crime Society.

Consider that the whole state of Washington is nothing but a Crime Family - Crime Syndicate that is run by the Maxwell Crime Family who own all or most of the Casinos, all of the land that the Casinos sit upon, most of the Strip Bars and to also let be known, that literally the Governor, the States Two U.S. (corporate U.S. not the U.S.A.) Senate Members, most of this state's political representation that have a key and significant position of power, and as well as the heads of the Mob here. Including most of the Federal Judiciary, and the Superior Court Judiciary who are all in some way or another all related to one another and or they are all apart of this secret and hidden Satanist empire or they would not be allowed to be in power or be allowed to hold any positions of executive level office. But all just by coincidence though.

Results 1 - 10 of about 1,090,000 for Washington State Constitutional Fraud.
The Washington State Constitutional Fraud

For over 111 years, it had been barely known that there are actually two Constitutions in the history of the State of Washington. The first was ratified [1] by the people of the Territory of Washington on November 5th in 1878 [2] This constitution was properly signed and promptly entered into the public record. On January 28th, 1889, the 1878 constitution was presented to the United States Senate for inclusion into the union and printed in the federal register.

And, now for the American People to try to take back their Crime Syndicated Corporate-ized Governmental-ized system -
March 9, 2010 The following on-line news article, is a key description of the Corporation of the United States.
Not the United States of America. No wonder these corporate governmental crime syndicates can get away with
mass murder and mass profiteering, From -

The 'United States' Is A Formal Business Corporatio

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