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BP: Shall we say extermination event?
Sun Jun 20, 2010 10:02

Martha Washington says:
June 20, 2010 at 10:01 am
Shall we say extermination event?
This bs catastrophe was all planned for. 4/20 is Hitler’s birthday!!!
1. BP knew about the cracks 2 weeks beforehand.
2. BP sells half its stock
3. CEO sells over a million in stock.
4. Halliburton buys “Boots n Coot” a week or two before it happens.
5. BP hires UN troops and Gulf Police to patrol the waters and coastline.
6. This is not only an oil spill, they hit a volatile volcano
7. This volcano is emitting toxic poisons (4) of them into the air.
8. BP is using toxic chemicals made by Nalco to plane spray over the oil. This poison contains mercury and arsenic.
9. Gov’t tells BP to quit spraying and they continue.
10. Nalco is owned by Al Gore, George Soros, BH Obama and others.
11. If this thing blows there will be a tsunami with up to 500 foot wave wiping out anything in its path up to 200 miles inland.
12. Cleanup people getting sick and dying
13. Birds falling dead out of the sky
14. Animals being picked up on shore dead in mass accumulation.
15. No protection for any of these cleaning and helping and for some who have never smoked a thing in their life, now have lungs looking like they’ve smoked 3 packs a day.
16. BH Obama has been down there with a bus load of his own people, not real coastline people telling us everything is okey, bs.. and then sends down 17,000 national guard.
17. All crops are dying inland of the coast. Farmers are reporting plants covered with white and yellow spots and acres upon acres rotting vegetation.
18. Federal govt is readying fema camps, bought up blocks of hotel rooms, will use post offices and military bases to evacuate in the next week or so
19. No fly zone over entire gulf.
20. The gulf stream will eventually take the oil in the ocean along the east coast over to Europe, there’s is no stopping this.

WAKE UP FOLKS…no fish, no vegetation…food will soar as well as fresh water…gasoline!!!

Given a hurricane…I don’t even want to think about all that it will affect.

God bless you and your family, but get the heck out of Dodge or it will kill you down there!

June 18, 2010

Shepard Ambellas & Alex Thomas

In the last few months, a strange series of events has taken place surrounding the April 20th BP Gulf oil spill. The Intel Hub will attempt to lay out some of the seemingly unbelievable facts in a manner which can easily be understood.

Between March 22nd and March 24th, several drills involving an oil spill took place.“Spills Of National Significance” was a drill ran by DHS and the Coast Guard. The SONS documents were first broke by the Intel Hub on May 8, 2010. More than a week later, ABC News would of course take credit for the story.

We now know, through witness testimony, that there were cracks reported in the drill casing two weeks prior to the disaster. Goldman Sachs sold 44% of their total holdings, 4,680,822 shares of BP stock in the first quarter of 2010. Goldman Sachs earned about $ 266 million on the sale.

Apparently, Halliburton also had some psychic insight on what was soon to come. Eleven days before the explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon, Halliburton purchased an oil spill prevention firm. Halliburton was the lead company in charge of cementing the Deepwater rigs as well.

Just hours before the rig explosion, The Bureau of Land Management took part in a surprise inspection aboard the Deepwater Horizon. A four man team quickly flashed credentials to a supervisor and was then allowed access to the entire rig. Zac Zimmerman reveals in this interview how odd this particular BLM visit really was. Not to mention,many rigs have burned for weeks at a time without collapsing.

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    • BP: Shall we say extermination event? — APFN, Sun Jun 20 10:02
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