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Obama-Geithner-Elizabeth II
Tue Jun 22, 2010 13:42

Will Grand Juries soon be called by the States of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida - State Attorney-Generals - State and Federal Prosecutors - as Americans are now demanding criminal investigations of conspiracy/fraud/perjury/malfeasance? The NWO plans for the Environmental Boondoggle was blown last year with "Climategate" exposures of falsified data worldwide. BP, Goldman Sachs, and Enron go back a decade planning the Carbon Cap-and-Trade Public Tax Robbery Scheme, based on "Global Warming". BP et al needed a national crisis to get their plans back on track. Their lackey, the Big Zero "O" in the White House, came on board first to stymie oil recovery efforts after the explosion (Katrina's emergency management modus operandi); next he is trying to fast-track BP's own "Green" Program through the Congress as Cap-and-Trade. Follow the money. The buck stops at the top of the greed plume, Mr. President. YouTube Channel maf1989a - "Criminal Investigation of BP Staged Oil Spill Vital"

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