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Radioactive Rain-Oil, Orbital Nuclear Missiles Fired on US?
Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:31

June 23, 2010 Chemtrails and Barium, and why barium?
And, as mentioned by (Capt.) Dr. William B. Mount on the All Day Live show last year and then again this last Friday night at (10:00 pm) June 18th, 2010 on the All Day Live weekly Friday night program about the machine that is stabilizing the Sun? A machine that is stabilizing the Sun?

Dr. Mount mentioned last year on one of the All Day Live programs that these hidden elitist elements are trying to destroy the entire planet and that they have already fired some kind of a super laser technology at the sun this last year. Fired a super advanced laser at the sun?

Click! Oh well here it goes and what are we really dealing with?
What was Tunguska really all about? Watch this and you decide.
Metallica - All Nightmare Long - Added: Dec 9, 2008 | Comments: 864 | Total Plays: 1,416,300
Secret Files TUNGUSKA (Trailer 1)
Tunguska Explosion 30 July 1908
metalica all nightmare long;_ylt=AkpwUC8D3GyaIl89CH3_0FObvZx4?p=metalica+all+nightmare+long&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-701

Absence of sunspots make scientists wonder if they're seeing a calm before a storm of energy By Stuart Clark - New Scientist - Tuesday, June 22, 2010
TODAY - June 23, 2010 A brightly colored image of the active sun. ( Sunspots' mysterious disappearance

Diminishing magnetic activity hints that something profound is happening inside the sun. Scrutiny

What the? Chemtrails and Barium? (
And, as mentioned on the All Day Live show from
by Dr. William B. Mount about the machine that is stabilizing the Sun.

And also that there is now an on going secret and now not so secret nuclear space war that is now underway involving space based orbital nuclear missiles that are being reported by the controlled media as being meteors when as mentioned by (Capt.) Dr. William B. Mount on the All Day Live show (that is shown weekly at hat these meteors are actually multiple staged nuclear missiles that are being fired on American cities and military bases and that these missiles have been and are being immobilized by advanced magnetic laser defense systems?

These missiles have already been fired upon several North American cities already as you can simply go to and type in meteors and see some of these missiles entering the earth atmosphere and being evidently immobilized by super advanced magnetic laser defense systems that you are being told about except by Dr. William B. Mount on the All Day Live show.

But Dr. Mount then went on to say that it will not be very much longer when these weapons will then not soon be able to be further immobilized by the North American Space Command and the good guys in the Department of Defense. And, that some of these weapons are being manufactured by the Boeing Company that are being architect-ed to be artificially intelligent and to be used as unmanned super advanced weapons systems that are now being made to be immune from these magnetic laser defense systems. Most of this remote operated weapons are also apparently and actually (orbital) and thereof they are a space based orbital weaponry by the way.

Yesterday, approximately five extremely high speed space entry craft were observed from down town Seattle by myself, by Hazel Moses, and by Jame Wlos at about 1:30 pm in the early afternoon.

These craft appeared to be entering the earth's atmosphere right over the Northwest and right over Seattle to be specific. The first one was observed around 1:15 pm entering the earth atmosphere and it was headed directly south over southern Washington.

Then observed were two more of these extremely fast vehicles entering the earth atmosphere headed also in the same direction and definitely these were not terrestrial vehicles, and they were leaving contrails behind as they entered the earth atmosphere. Then shortly after this were two more of these space entry vehicles leaving two more contrail plumes from what were two more apparently spaced based vehicles.

These are some kind of super advanced aircraft that are entering the earth atmosphere and yet no actual craft were visible just, only the contrails leading down and into the earth atmosphere and also headed directly south.

Then at approximately 6:30 pm a very noticeable cloud formation was observed over the upper peninsula and to be more precise, over what would be considered to be directly over the the Bangor Naval Base and the Indian Island Nuclear Arsenal located also in the Olympic Peninsula.

This cloud formation was different then the surrounding sky and it was very black and it streaked over Puget sound and took on the same signature as to what might be viewed as being the result of viewing the meteor videos. This apparently could have been what Dr. William B. Mount has been describing as being the result of the multi staged missile(s) that have been viewed and video-d entering earth atmosphere and possibly also being detonated by the Department of Defense over the skies of this country for the past few years. Yet, this one was detonated yesterday over the skies of western Washington State.

Consider also then that possibly this alleged detonation over the Olympic Peninsula may have also rained nuclear fall out over the Seattle area last night.

This was an extremely weird and dark cloud formation that was not of your usual cloud formation appearance. It appeared to be as being what Dr. Mount has explained being the aftermath (signature) cloud formation that appears after a missile of this apparent type is detonated over the targeted areas already discussed by Dr. William B. Mount. Yesterday just happened to that of being the military installations located in the Olympic Peninsula.

Dr. William B. Mount mentioned and described that these Meteors appear to be pulsing several times and that this is in fact the multiple nuclear warheads being detonated while the missile is in transit and being immobilized. Nuclear Detonations (observed super bright multiple flashes) that are occurring while the missile(s) are traveling across the sky. Thus being multiple staged nuclear detonations being triggered by Dept of Defense magnetic laser defense technologies? If you notice all of these meteors appeared to be headed to high population centers or military bases. Who is firing these spaced based nuclear weapons at us? How long will it be when they begin to fire nuclear weapons that cannot be compromised by magnetic laser defense systems?
Police dash cam of Meteor over Edmonton, Canada

What are we dealing with here?
EARTH ANOMALIES: Colossal object buried on Greenland
greenland object - About 1,360,000 results -

What’s This Bloody Massive Thing In Greenland?
By Stuart Heritage on Friday, December 21, 2007 at 5:00pm
Funny - Take down a meteor by missile :oD
End Of The World (Nuclear Explosion)
UFO or missile trace? Mystery spiral lights over Norway
Can radionics be utilized to halt the Gulf Oil leak,
and to be also utilized to clean up the oil mess, also clean
up the Depleted Uranium mess in Iraq and Afghanistan and
also be used to make the Illuminati simply just disappear
and leave us and this planet alone?

Apparently the Illuminati use radionics to keep from
shape shifting as David Icke has mentioned.

The largest radionics facility in the world
is located right underneath Cambridge University called
the De La Warr institute and it's apparent primary use is to protect
the Elitists and no doubt they have used radionics as
part of their means to be able to rip off the entire
planet, eat our young at their Satanic sacrifices
and not be made accountable for their incredibly evil

Try to imagine how incredible the worldwide crimes are of just the Bush and Clinton Crime Families alone.
Or also how did Richard Cheney get away with the alleged shooting
deaths of three process servers on the King Ranch and as well as the shooting of Harry Whittington and just for some odd reason Harry Whittington just simply disappears off the radar screen and into

radionics Cambridge University
hieronymus machine
Suppressed Inventions, free electricity, suppressed technologies ...
Ed Skilling radionics
Former Israeli top spy calls for strike on Iran
Jun 21 04:21 PM US/Eastern
Europe could face hundreds of missiles in Iran attack, U.S. Defence Secretary warns By Mail Foreign Service
Last updated at 2:38 PM on 18th June 2010
Iran to replace Persian Gulf radar
Mon, 12 Apr 2010 08:27:40 GMT§ionid=3510208
Iran new radar system

World - Iran boosts air defenses with new missile system

New Iranian-made stealthy submersible fast torpedo boat

Iran starts a production line for new radar systems and some other stuff
improved mobile 36D6 radar systems in Iran, page 1
Iran radar system - Advanced search - About 307,000 results
Gulf Oil Spill Unified Command Center
Exotische Waffen der Massenkontrolle (19 von 19)
Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory: A Documentary (part 1)
Israel Navy trains for possible escalation
Killer Chemtrails: The Shocking Truth
Arizona Minutemen - USA
U.S. Military Plays Its Hand
Proceed with Revolutionary Mode
by Tom Heneghan International Intelligence Expert
Sunday June 20, 2010
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June 21, 2010 Green Comet Of Doom Gives Grave Warning As Gulf Apocalypse Grows
Radioactive Oil Fields
And so now it is raining radioactivity on
the South East and soon throughout
the entire planet, hmmmmm. Search for "raining oil"
Raining Oil In Louisiana? (VIDEO)

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    Will Grand Juries soon be called by the States of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida - State Attorney-Generals - State and Federal Prosecutors - as Americans are now demanding criminal... more
    • Radioactive Rain-Oil, Orbital Nuclear Missiles Fired on US? — Will P. Wilson All Day Live at, Wed Jun 23 10:31
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