Rich Sheridan
Evacuate Gulf Coast States?!
Mon Jul 5, 2010 15:11

I have it from two very reliable sources that an evacuation of the Gulf coast states must begin.

Two weeks ago my friend in the Seattle area said the government would announce false high benzene concentrations in the air to cause Gulf Coast citizens to move inland. Last night Robert Hoagland announced a crisis situation in the Gulf area, saying that benzene, toluene, and hydrogen sulfide levels at the Gulf coastline were well above the boarderline safe levels of 1 to 10 ppb, and have been measured in the 1000 ppb range(parts per billion.)

Mr. Hoagland and my friend have indicated that this is the heinous work of those who know that their time is up. They can't control us anymore so they will attempt to destroy earth before they leave. Hoagland recommends either evacuating, or the purchase of army issue gas masks and ozonanators. inside the home, ozonators are very effective in quickly oxidizing/eliminating benzene, toluene, and hydrogen peroxide.

We can fix the Gulf of Mexico disaster, but the truth of it must first be revealed.

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        • yahMe, Sun Jul 11 18:42
          yah right~!
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