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Don Harkins Ed. for the Idaho Observer Dead by Pychotronics.
Wed Jul 7, 2010 07:28

WillPWilson All Day Live from

IN MEMORY OF DON HARKINS (editor of the Idaho Observer)
September 20, 2009 by JackBlood - IN MEMORY OF DON HARKINS

Most Respectfully, Jack Blood and the entire Deadline Live crew.
I would like to each of you to find it in your heart to donate whatever you can to help Ingri with the very large Hospital bill she is now left with.
Send cards and donations to: P. O. Box 457, Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869

Don Harkins was a remarkable and brilliant editor of what was a leading alternative news source who apparently was murdered by allegedly NSA and associated intelligence groups who utilized extremely powerful "Psychotronic," Electronic Warfare on him thus there is no actual physical means to forensically investigate the truth behind this murder of who was one of the most highest respected publishers in the Alternative News sector.

Mrs. Harkin is no longer able to carry on the publishing work of Don Harkin and possibly the (long time) land mailed news version of the the Idaho Observer news paper may longer be being mailed as that this report was mentioned to me by one of the long time subscribers to this
highly recognized news source.
All though the Idaho Observer is still publishing on-line at

The Idaho Observer
P.O. Box 457
Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869
Phone: 208-255-2307

Some of the Landmark articles published over the years were for example the ones published by Don Nikoloff
Idaho Observer Don Nikoloff

From the April 2007 Idaho Observer:
Deathbed confessions, photos support claims
that George H. Scherf(f), Jr., was the 41st U.S. president

From the January 2007 Idaho Observer:
Following the money backwards leads
to President Reagan, Russian rubles
and Ambassador Leo Wanta

THE IDAHO OBSERVER - From the April,
2008 issue of The Idaho Observer newspaper
The three Stooges go to Washington - By Don Nicoloff

Don Nikoloff's now internationally recognized
Radio Program: don nicoloff radio show

Don Nicoloff to Host New Internet Radio Show
From Ken Adachi - November 26, 2007
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Email from Don Nicoloff documenting Goldman Sachs
short puts on TransOcean stock - Don Nicoloff
The following is a copy of an email message
from Don Nicoloff of Direct Light Productions,
in answer to a request from A. True Ott
to provide substantiation for our story:
"No joke: Goldman Sachs shorted Gulf of Mexico"
Here is good example of a paid for whore
operative smearing Don Nikoloff and
Drew Malone Raines and do not forget that these
smear operatives are paid well to run their
smear campaigns:
American Resistance Radio -
These characters are most usually either NSA or MOSSAD
paid for whores by the way so if you research the
domain registry you find:
marlene stachowiak
321 furys ferry road
martinez, GA 30907
Administrative Contact:
Stachowiak, Marlene
321 furys ferry road
martinez, GA 30907
Technical Contact:
Contact, Technical
96 Mowat Avenue
Toronto, ON M6K 3M1
+1.4165385498 Fax: +1.4163520113
BBS RADIO, Station 1, MON - FRI, 10 P.M. (PST) • 1 A.M.
(Live Link) BBS RADIO, Station 1, MON - FRI, 10 P.M. (PST)
• 1 A.M. (EST) • 12 Midnight (CST)
3/5 (5 podcast ratings)
Don Nicoloff interviews authors, inventors,
scientists, healers, researchers, journalists,
talk show hosts, musicians, artists, metaphysicians,
producers, directors, and activists about a variety
of topics and issues pertinent to our everday lives.
“Evident Footprints” is an alternative to ‘mainstream’
media and reveals previously unknown truths.
Your own reality will be affected by the information
discussed on these shows, along with
the many solutions provided by well-known guests.
[Shows are archived and downloadable as free Podcasts
when you click on ‘Subscribe’.]
EVIDENT FOOTPRINTS with Don Nicoloff / Michael Herzog
Email from Don Nicoloff documenting
Goldman Sachs short puts on TransOcean stock
Ken Adachi & Don Nicoloff Radio Interview, Dec. 2, 2009
From Ken Adachi, Editor
ALLISON JONES: Vaccine Researcher


The Police State of America - Dec. 22, 2003
The Secret Patriot Act II Destroys What Is Left of American Liberty
By Alex Jones
Comments of Ron Paul, Congressman for Texas on HR 2417:
They have had this (Psychotronic) weapons technology since
before World War Two so try to imagine as to how many
actual hundreds of millions of people have in actuality,
have been murdered worldwide by these silent and invisible

Thereof, entire populations whose lives and their children's lives
that have been electronically ritualistically destroyed and
eliminated as for example not only here in the United States,
Britain, but also in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan and soon
to be Iran.

Try to imagine and then realize that Rothschild-Rockefeller-Black
Pope Jesuit Military Order (who created the CIA and the NSA)
and their massive global electronic weaponry mass elimination
programs and their minions, the Ashkanize-Karzakian-Zionist
MOSSAD-CIA-NSA-Department of Defense - who all have been
using extreme Psychotronic Warfare on hundreds of millions
of people worldwide and upon literally all of the citizenry
and military in the United States and abroad.
And, as well almost the entire United States military
and more then half of the American and Canadian people
are all now implanted and tagged by super advanced Dept. of Defense systems satellite technology, thereof they have been implanted by the use of super advanced (Holographic Scalar technology)
Mind Control and very advanced Pyschotronic implants.

As Don Harkins's wife has testimony of the electronic eliminations warfare technology
that was used on Don, that was responsible for having mudered him
go here to this linked information site on Psychotronic Weaponry:
From an article in The Truth Campaign Magazine Spring 99
Links from this news report:
The Truth Campaign was set up in 1996
as a way to make available information
which mainstream sources tend to suppress
about key issues of conspiracies, health issues,
enlightened science and spirituality.
Ivan Fraser - Founder - Contact Information.

THE ESP OF ESPIONAGE - by Tim Rifat. links to:

The Truth about Remote Influencing - By Tim Rifat - June 10, 2003

The TETRA System: Mass UK Mind Control Technology
and the Zombification Of Britain's Police is Now A Reality -
by Tim Rifat - Transcript from CH4 News, Feb 5th, 2001

The Secret Use Of Microwaves By British Police And Army
By Tim Rifat - 7-18-1 - Introduction by Ivan Fraser

REMOTE VIEWING - The ESP of Espionage -
We may all have latent psi powers,
but our ability to develop them
is being blanked out by
socially engineered stress,
and with the collusion of covert agencies.
The Real Bush International (Scherff) Crime Family
and Crime Syndicate as children and who is
really sitting around here, hmmmm, the future Dr. Mengela
(who was the original doctor-Angel of death in the genetic
experiment wing of the Nazi Regime -,
and future heads of State including Bush Senior apparently.

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    • Don Harkins Ed. for the Idaho Observer Dead by Pychotronics. — WillPWilson All Day Live from weekly, Wed Jul 7 07:28
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