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When America Has Reached La La Land. Pt. 2
Fri Jul 16, 2010 06:20

Father Christian IX of Denmark /Not Stuart lineage
Mother Louise of Hesse-Cassel /Not Stuart lineage

Christian IX
Father Friedrich Wilhelm, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg/Not Stuart lineage
Mother Princess Louise Caroline of Hesse-Cassel
/Not Stuart lineage

Fredrick Wilelm
Father Friedrich Karl Ludwig, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Beck /Not Stuart lineage
Mother Countess Friederike of Schlieben
/Not Stuart lineage

Father Francis, Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld
/Not Stuart lineage
Mother Countess Augusta of Reuss-Ebersdorf
/Not Stuart lineage

Patricia J H S -
206-612-7046 message phone

And, their knowing that they are not of the Stuart bloodlines
they have been murdering off the rightful Stuart Family heirs to the throne of Britain including their continual attempts to ruin the life of Patricia Johnson Holmes Shupe her entire lifetime.

Including planting their handlers around her, (her two first husbands the second being a high ranking Satanist at the Boeing Company, a company completely tied to the vast mass human sacrifice and human trafficking operations operating rampantly throughout the Northwest).

And, the Boeing Company to name just one of these Satanist controlled corporate hierarchies behind the scenes (Boeing Black Box operations are known to be a key part of this) and (Boeing also being one of the real elements behind the Green River murders as has been investigate by Patricia Shupe and others) and her second husband Tyrell also being a known high ranking Warlock whose family have very high rank in the highest order of this all controlling hidden Satanist element here in the Northwest.

Dawn Montoya had reported in 2003 and 2004 on the Call4Investigation program about Dino Rossi a known high ranking (Mafia Family) member and powerful political figurehead here in the Northwest had been discovered embezzling more then $750,000 dollars from the State of Washington while he was high ranking bureaucrat here in the Washington State infrastructure around the year of 2003.

Then Dawn Montoya reported that same year on the Call4Investigation program about the known (Russian-Seattle Mafia linked) Mayor Greg Nickels getting more then one million dollars in payoffs on the Seattle Alaskan Way Viaduct project, whose Mayor Nickel's son was also found to have embezzled several million dollars from one of the Maxwell Crime Syndicate owned casinos operations (all covered up though).

Then it was reported by Dawn Montoya that Nickel's sister while the head of the Seattle Police 911 division blocked 25 911 calls involving the murder of 25 people. And, this was completely covered up.

And, then Nickels had the time to block the Bill Gates yearly seventy dollar Christmas gift for low income people in Seattle that this elderly and low income person was entitled to receive but the Nickels then her continuously harassed by the HUD low income project manager that is a building located in the Pike Street Market District.

A building that Dawn Montoya had been reporting that she had been witnessing on going crack cocaine and meth parties going on in t his same building (that was supposed to be for low income people), involving many of the highest ranking corporate and city bureaucrats in Seattle. She was also reporting on the Call4Investigation show about the avowed Satanist ceremonies going on in this same building and being outwardly admitted by the building manager of this same HUD building.

Dawn Montoya then went on to report about her observing late at night Seattle Satanist cops (as she had described them) coming and going from a hidden doorway that apparently went underneath Seattle that was located in the Post Alley Road right behind the Pike Street Market where her building is located where she clearly reported that she was watching nightly, large numbers of draped bodies and packages of something being take in and out of the this entrance way by what she described as being operated by Seattle Satanist cops.

Consider the fact that literally thousands of homeless people disappear every year in Seattle and no one in the system really investigates or keeps track of this and consider that the FBI Division Five is a known crime syndicate that is utilized to cover up the vast murder and pedophile activities of the Elitists let alone he FBI Division Five also playing a key part in their "Finders," as being a part in this massive crime operation.

Dawn Montoya then disappeared in early 2004 and was never to be heard or seen again. It was discovered by an investigative reported that she may have been taken to the Western State Hospital where they had her murdered and her life history completely erased.

Seattle as reported by a high ranking CID Congressional Investigations Division officer who was responsible for arresting two Federal Judges in Seattle and arresting 42 dirty Seattle cops mentioned that he had to arrest these two Federal Judges on organized crime felonies and
they the law enforcement bureaucracy literally did nothing to prosecute them or the cops.

He mentioned that a large number of the Judges here are a part of the pedophile ring here that ties in former mayors, governors, senators, congressman, whereas they also receive large kickbacks from the street drugs and prostitution networks here in the Seattle area.

He mentioned that these judges, police chiefs,and sheriffs, prosecutors are not allowed to hold office unless they are compromised and a part of this hidden secret Satanist network and ordained thus, to cover up these vast and ongoing crimes and criminal payoff networks.

In 1967 Bobby Kennedy while boarding his plane to go to Los Angeles where he was murdered by the heads of the LA Police Department in cooperation with the heads of the Bush Crime Syndicate CIA and further covered up by the CIA, (Sirhan Sirhan was a know CIA Mind Control
Patsy) mentioned that there is now where else on the planet that is as corrupt as the Northwest.

This CID officer then mentioned that every 25 seconds that a murder is taking place here in the Washington State and Seattle region.

He mentioned that these ongoing and rampant murders all tied to the Satanic Jesuit Mafia cult that controls the Northwest Infrastructure that tied to the son of even Jack Ruby being one of the high ranking Mafiosas who control the huge cocaine and drug cartel in the Northwest.

That this all tied to the little reported pig farm located in the Blaine area of Washington State where they were feeding the body parts of the Satanic Sacrificially murdered victims to these pigs and that underneath this pig farm is an elaborate underground facility built by

Satanic members of the very hidden Dept. of Defense who are a part of the well hidden Satanic Illuminati billionaire circuit in the Northwest.

Apparently they had also built a mile long underground remote entry two lane tunnel roadway to this subterranean facility.

this same CID officer had mentioned that in the early 2000's a Federal Judge, a women another member of the Maxwell Crime Family, was arrested (by him) for carrying on stripping in a well known strip club now closed down, for carrying on drug activities at this club and this
entire matter was completely covered up by the mainstream news. A United States Federal Judge stripping at local Seattle Mafia owned strip clubs.

Seattle is completely controlled and owned by the Jesuit (Mafia) Crime Syndicate apparently.

That it is known as the Maxwell Crime Family town.

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