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Did You Know?
Fri Jul 16, 2010 09:35

Friday, July 16, 2010, 8:14 AM

Did You Know?

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to touch base with all of you folks as we enter this summer's last fundraising season to ask you a few "Did You Know" questions, if you'd be so kind.

So, here we go!

Did you know that as of today over 3,700 BP workers and people in living in the United States Gulf Coast region are in hospital suffering from a "mysterious" flu-like illness?

Did you know that as of today over 3,800 United States citizens are reported to have been killed by the latest brutal heatwave hitting them?

Did you know that of those 3,800 people in the US who have died in this heatwave nearly half of them had their electricity cut off because they were behind in their payments?

Did you know that the US space agency NASA has reported the largest collapse of our Earth's upper atmosphere in history, and they don't know why?

Did you know that Israel's parliament (called the Knesset) is set to approve a new law stating that all Jews in America are no longer Jews?

Did you know that Russia's military forces have adopted new uniforms that make them virtually indistinguishable from US or EU troops?

Did you know that China has not only been investing billions of dollars in Afghanistan but is also building massive military bases near its border with them?

Did you know that Norway's Arctic Circle "Doomsday" Seed Vault has accelerated their activities over the past 3 months without giving any explanation as to why they're doing that?

Did you know that by the end of October of this year the United States will complete their 10-year long plan to create a complete alternative "shadow" government center in Denver, Colorado?

Did you know that over three-quarters of the CEO's of some of America's largest corporations have resigned in the past 6 months?

Did you know that nearly half of the Chiefs of Police in some of America's largest cities have all resigned in the past 6 months too?

Did you know that since the Gulf of Mexico oil and methane gas leak our World has experienced its hottest temperatures in recorded history?

Did you know that by the end of November the number of active duty, reserve and National Guard forces in the United States will be at their lowest level since 1914 due to America's overseas and war commitments?

Did you know that by the end of November the highest concentration of US Military forces left remaining in the United States will be Special Forces troops?

Did you know that by the end of November the number of private military contractors in the United States will surpass for the first time in history the combined number of US Military forces and police officials combined?

Did you know that President Obama is being given the power to shut down the Internet for any reason he chooses?

Did you know that the US Government now says it has the right to assassinate any American citizen they deem a "terrorist"?

Did you know that under US law only the President can define who a "terrorist" is?

Did you know that under US law the President's defining of an American as a "terrorist" is not only secret but cannot be reviewed by any court?

Did you know that nearly 3,000 of America's top scientists have called for a new investigation of 9/11 because the governments "official" story was found impossible to have happened?

Did you know that the first person President Bush met with on 9/11/2001 was the American billionaire Warren Buffet?

Did you know that President Obama had a private meeting with Warren Buffet this past week?

Did you know that one of President Clinton's top advisor said this week that the only thing that could "save" Obama was a terrorist attack upon the United States?

What does all of this mean?

Well, that's what we are here for and why are efforts are unceasing on your behalf to not only discover what is being hidden from you, but to also put it into a context you're most able to understand.

And absolutely no one does this better than the Sisters of Sorcha Faal, period!

In finding out how many people are in hospital in the US Gulf Coast region due to the oil disaster, for example, 3 Sisters have devoted over 500 hours combing through every single news report from there. Are you able to do that? Of course not!

There is a battle going on for your mind right now that is going to determine the future of this side (ours) believes it is critical for you to know the truth about everything....the other side (monsters actually) wants to keep you as uninformed and dumbed down as possible. You have to choose which side you're going to listen to.

In listening to us then it's also important that you support us, after all this is not a cheap game we're playing here, this is life and death!

During the past 3 months alone we've had to exhaust our entire 2010 operating budget due to the catastrophe now occurring in the Gulf of Mexico, but at the same time continuing our investigations into everything else that is going on around the world that is going to be affecting you.

If we were an old fashioned newspaper, magazine, or other such publication we wouldn't even be having this discussion because you would have paid your dollar or two to get it and we would have the resources to continue our investigations.

In today's world though you have been fed the lie that everything on the Internet is free so that those of us who aren't being subsidized by your own government's tax dollars are continually forced to ask our readers for money to survive. And make no mistake about this, this has long been planned, has been done before, and everything about it designed to keep you as ignorant as possible.

Remember, just 100 years ago there were, literally, tens of thousands of print publications informing people about everything that was happening....but then came the "new" mass media of radio and movies that combined enabled the "single" voice of government to win out over all else.

After radio television arrived and enabled governments and their corporate masters to tighten their grip on information even stronger; and print publications began to fail by the thousands.

Now we have the Internet, where the profusion of information is so voluminous it can be likened to a fire hose of "everything" spewing at you on a 24/7-365 basis...mostly celebrity based drivel designed for no other purpose than to keep you distracted from the truth; and print publications are quickly going extinct.

If we said this once, we've said it a thousand times, and it is just as true now as it was years ago....just $20.00 (US) from each of you reading this would keep us going for an entire year! That's one US Nickel a day!

Are we really asking that much of you? Is five cents really going to break you? Have you become so brainwashed you can't see what this whole "Great Game" is all about?

Well, even if you have become so brainwashed that you aren't able to see the truth anymore, always remember that we still do, and the TRUTH is important, no matter what it costs!

And if you want to know what it's really like for the Sisters, just go to the link for the Sorcha Faal's 2006 "Partisans Handbook" and take a good look at Sister Bohdana who paid the ultimate sacrifice for telling people the truth.

The hour is growing late folks, the storm clouds are really gathering, do you really want to be left at the mercy of the so called "Main Stream Media" to tell you the truth and warn you about what is going to happen? I hope not, you should have already learned your lessons!

So, please support us by going to our HomePage and giving what you can so we can continue working for you, keep telling you the truth, and most importantly keep you prepared for the many other horrors soon to come.

All the best,





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