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Massive Psychotronic Warfare on the American People.
Fri Oct 29, 2010 05:44

October 29, 2010 Massive Psychotronic Warfare on the American People. With more then seven thousand different types and categories of Psychotronic weaponry being used on we the people.


The following is in part, and is in full disclosure,
what they have been doing to me, to Mike and Patricia Shupe and to many, many others in this country at this time. I tv producer Will P.Wilson will soon, begin to produce a TV show that will be exposing the extreme mis use of Psychotronic weaponry on the unsuspecting
American people.

A program that will be involvoing the key and critical interviewing
of important witnesses, professional witnesses, and victims, and
including disclosure from our own circumstances like the following.

As I had disclosed on the last weeks Call4Investigation program that appears weekly Tuesdays at 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm on-line at and local cable channel 77 in Seattle) about the event in 1997 where an Ab Mobasher, a suspected CIA Iranian double agent brought to my former residence located at 22025 Redmond Fall City Way in Redmond Washington, (my home that was later stolen in 1999, by fraud and forgery by Joe Izen, Vance Beaudreau, Rochelle Parask and my former wife Jennifer Ann Cohn) a party named Jim Morse, who apparently being also the head of the Northwest National Security Agency offices in Seattle at that time, as that that this party did leave his NSA business card at that time that did fully disclose this.

Reference: While the sheep are sleeping, the predators move in

Where as this party named Jim Morse, who was an assigned NSA agency
agent did that day visit my home in order to use a Psychotronic weapons system on me.

This party later in this meeting did also disclose that he did know and work with none other then Michael S. Kunath.

This Jim Morse kept mentioning that his payoff after this visit
was going to be big, very big and he would joke about this when later in the meeting at the time that this party named Jim Morse was leaving my residence (after pointing this machine at me and fully zapping me with a neutron beam device as I was later to find out). That he and his associate named Ab Mobasher who was aparently a handler assigned to me thus had that day brougth to my home the head of the Northwest NSA regional offices named Jim Morse who then for more the three hours sat with a device in his lap that he had inadvertently then pointed at me thus zapping me.

Any way my left hand is now partially paralyzed and I can only type up these reports on limited time at the Greenwood Seattle Public library that are the only computers that I have access to use at this time due to my now being forced to made homeless.

So here is the linked story to this that will soon be part of this
up and coming TV program(s) on how they are utilizing super advanced
Psychotronic weapons on we the American unsuspecting and unknowing
American and world citizenry. (don't forgert that I had interviewed the person who created this web site .

Also, two other contract Psychotronic hit man that were contracted (most likely by the likes of Michael S. Kunath and his Northwest crime syndicate mafiosas) to take me out or thereof, to make sure that
their invisible weapons would be used to effectively disable my mind without any evidence of this being done by these silent weapons, around this same time period in the 1990s.

These same parties are named Dan Yurkovich who was the former head of Physio Labs located in Redmond Washington, at that time and also a planted (NSA) agent named Gary Hawkins who served as my employee for seven years whom I had provided free room and board to at that time.

WillPWilson is the producer of the All Day Live show that is broadcast weekly on Friday nights from Seattle on-line at and Monday afternoons at noon. WillPWilson is also the producer of the Thursday morning show "You Have Not Seen This."

Also, all thoughthe the entire Northwest is now completely controlled by the Gambino Crime Family, Crime Syndicate, thus all of the Northwest hierarchy is tied to this crime network including almost all of the candidates in this November elections like Dino Rossi. The following article was highlighted on the Call4Investigation program this last Tuesday October 26, 2010, that is hosted with Patricia Shupe, co-hosted with Keith Ljunghammar, with support from Will P. Wilson, and Don Grahn, who is the producer of the weekly program(s)
Truth vs. News appearing on Thursdays live at 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm, repeated at ten O'clock that night weekly and also the weekly show All-Ways Pursing Truth,
Rossi Admits Mafia Ties, Surges in Polls | The Naked Loon
Sep 3, 2008 ... “Yeah, it's the mafia thing,” said 23-year-old Megan McDuffin outside the Roosevelt ... Dino Rossi Adamantly Denies Ties to Local Charity ... - Cached - Similar

I will later be reporing on how the medical profession is being used to implant nano technology in their unsuspecting patients.

As for my own personal experience with a Homeopathic Doctor named
Jennifer Huntoon who lured me with the help of another NSA assigned
handler named Phil Stevens who in 1987, had coaxed me to visit
this (known Satanist Coven member, and yes, the entire Northwest
is completely inundated with Satanist Communities).

Dr. Huntoons doctors offices are still located on 45th Ave in Seattle
and I still wonder how many other people fell victim to this form
of mind control implanting.

At that time I was gullibe enough to beleive that Dr. Huntoon
was a reputable doctor who could perform what they at that time
had convinced me that they could expand a balloon type of medical
device in the deep nazal, or thereof nostril opennings of my nose
and that this procedure would then help my sinus problems and I
at that time thus beleived them at that time.

I was to find out that the device being handled by Dr. Huntoon
had then exploded the balloon and thus launching a mind control transponder into the center of my brain that is still there to this day. Yes, they are out to get us, and take over our minds, anyway that they now can. This country is now engaged in an invisible warfare and we are loosing ground and our minds and our futures.

How do you prove this and how do you bring witnesses and effective justice down upon these now rampant networks that no proliferate the entire system of government throughout our entire country and bureaucracy today?

From the Message (News) Board:;article=133652;title=APFN

mountainfreedom - "WARNING: TAKE NOTICE" - Thu Oct 28, 2010

It has been discovered there are New York Public Health Laws and New York Mental Health Laws that are being used to strip New Yorkers of their New York “STATE” Civil Rights secretly, allowing “State of New York” authorities to destroy any New Yorkers health and life without notification of the persons affected. The same kinds of actions are happening to all persons in other “states”, under their own states laws.

To make things worse there are other New York State laws that allow state authorities to evade admitting that they have secretly declared a person incompetent for subsequent nomination into a deadly human experiment using covertly installed in the body devices (in vivo) that emit deadly energy, while the person is completely unaware and going about their daily tasks and going to work. Even if the person's doctor or lawyer were to ask the authorities, the authorities decide whether to tell them or not and according to law, do not have to tell them, unless the victim has substantial evidence and takes the authorities to court. If a person's doctor or lawyer knows of what is happening to the victim, they won't tell the victim, because they are licensed with the state and therefore obligated not to aid uncovering an ongoing human experiment “lawful investigation”.

The attacks on people throughout the nation and world vary, where the technology ranges from implanted in the body devices emitting deadly energy to other techniques of implanted in the body tracking devices to allow them to be efficiently stalked by authorities teams of harassers and also tracking devices to allow the use of deadly radar beams to be sent into their bodies location. The general issue is that the people are having their immune systems traumatized to destroy their health and minds. Many of the victims report torture level pain in a virtual sentence of death.

In States like New York the laws allow federal authorities like the agency Health and Human Services (HHS), military authorities like the CIA, hospitals, universities, institutions, private corporations and doctors, to operate under permission of written New York State laws; the entities mentioned are therefore by law given permission to operate in the State of New York by New York itself, those entities however are still obligated to obey the other laws of New York State that protect a person, which the entities are not obeying. The entities are also obligated not to breach New York States CONSTITUTIONS CIVIL RIGHTS OF NEW YORKERS; therefore the entities from other than the state itself are actionable for liability for breaching the peoples civil rights, just the same as state authorities are liable when they have ignored a persons civil rights. Thereby all of the attacks reported by people throughout the nation are being allowed by the respective STATES laws that the person lives in. The issue therefore is that in order to bring a complaint to stop the attacks it can and should be brought first in a STATE Court, because the STATE authorities are in action as permitting the activity even where it is from federal authorities for example. This is known from our having found the laws that specify the state gives permission for the entities to operate inside New Yorks jurisdiction. The specific laws that allow such atrocities will be outlined in detail in this articles next installment.

It sounds impossible, it is not, there are such laws here in New York and there appears to be the same laws, with somewhat different wording that allow for the same thing to happen, in the other 49 states.

There are several thousand people over the last 15 or so years telling of their being attacked and or used in human experiments that have destroyed their lives, these people were leading normal lives and suddenly their world was turned upside down by State authorized authorities making up for their state budgets deficits by designating people falsely to be “incompetent” and selling the victimized people for use in human experiments for profit. The old saying is, “if you follow the money the truth will be found”; the money motive is a part of the issue of why a person is chosen, because the states need money and they also have men and women without conscience that will do whatever they are ordered to do. Not like you, where your conscience would bother you to pick some New Yorker or people in another state to experiment on, knowing full well their life would be destroyed. Because of the authorities and media ignoring this injustce many of the victims of this abuse have died.

Imagine you wake up and find yourself the target of the authorities, who are really covertly silently torturing you and no authorities will listen to you or help you at all. The electronic pulsing devices do not only cause extreme pain, but are designed to affect the frontal lobe of the brain to depreciate judgment, in effect a reducing the intellect of a person. As the laws are today you too are also at risk for the same thing happening, as well also your family and friends and acquaintances; the potential really exists that you have already been implanted and the authorities have not turned it on or high enough for you to notice it. The laws are on the books and the activities are well known to be going on, there are innumerable websites discussing the attacks on people throughout the nation. One person having this happen to them, is one too many.

The discussion of people affected varies as to how to get the attacks to stop. There has until now been confusion about the source of jurisdictional responsibility of the attacks, resulting in people taking their cases incorrectly to the federal courts; it has been shown by law the states are responsible and not the federal government. Not to say the federal government is not involved; it is a fact however the states are permitting the attacks upon a New Yorkers, Californians, Texans or whatever state the person lives in, where federal or other entities are in action.

Gathering sufficient evidence is what is needed to gain a hearing in court, it has been difficult to do under the circumstances that the authorities call the attacks “human experiments or research”, as a cover for their unconstitutional crimes. The general issues for most of those claiming to be affected is the common thread of their experiences with other victims, such similar reports amount to evidence by commonality; that essentially says to an observer, that something more than mass hysteria is occurring.

The victims reporting here in this article have gathered substantial evidence of various kinds and their evidence conforms to courts requirements for a hearing. It is now in the hands of the Court to do the right thing, or cause further litigation of the case where it may ultimately wind up having to be appealed and by due diligence of Lamb and Mecca, wind up in a federal court; that will in all likelihood result in the federal court enforcing their New York State Constitutional Civil Rights, where they coincide with their federal Constitutions' Civil Rights.

You might have asked yourself why attorneys have been unable or unwilling to bring a complaint into court, why detectives produce nothing they will back up in a court, why doctors see nothing; well there are laws in New York and other states that hold them criminally liable for exposing an ongoing “so called” human experiment quantified in the eyes of the authorities as being a “lawful investigation” of a suspect/subject. Such so called “lawful investigation” have the full weight of law to enforce the maintenance of secrecy, so that the experiments remain secret, thereby the laws prevent licensed with the state authorities from rendering “honest service” to victims. Where the licensed professionals such as attorneys, private detectives and doctors may well appear to be helping, they always fall short of the goal because they are compromised by the laws, if they are not actively misleading the victim. The laws that allow what is described are unconstitutional, but are used by authorities as if they were constitutional; the laws for maintaining secrecy of investigations to keep victims from getting evidence by the state authorities, is by keeping all licensed with the state professionals on a legal leash. Many of the licensed with the state professionals and authorities have exhibited actions and attitude of sanctioning such atrocities. The same reasonings are why the news media has ignored the victims plight. The only way out is through a court where the activities are exposed.

Some of those who are being experimented on have made an effort to get the problem resolved by going to court. That may seem like the intelligent response to do, to get something so offensive to stop, but it has been a nightmare for those making the attempt in court; due to another set of auth

  • "WARNING: TAKE NOTICE"mountainfreedom, Thu Oct 28 15:35
    SECRET LAWS TO STEAL YOUR BODY, MIND AND SOUL IN NEW YORK AND OTHER STATES, ARE NOW IN EFFECT. It has been discovered there are New York Public Health Laws and New York Mental Health Laws that are... more
    • Massive Psychotronic Warfare on the American People. — WillPWilson the All Day Live show on, Fri Oct 29 05:44
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