WIKILEAKS will leak 250.000 documents sunday nov 28
Sat Nov 27, 2010 09:02

WIKILEAKS will leak 250.000 documents sunday nov 28 according to the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel
The controversial WikiLeaks site is ready to publish over 250,000 documents from the American Foreign Service Sunday evening, said the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel.


The magazine published by mistake an article that was meant to be posted on Sunday, writes the Norwegian National Radio, NRK. Before the editors managed to remove the article, the content distributed online.

8000 diplomatic documentsThe article includes leaks 251,287 telegrams from the U.S. Foreign Service and 8000 diplomatic documents. Most of the material dates from after 2004, and much of it is from January and February this year.

Most of the material about the Middle East and Asia, shows a map in the Der Spiegel article. The heralded leakage occurs despite warnings from U.S. authorities, who fear it would damage relations with a number of countries.

But also the countries covered, fears leak, and in Britain are editors were warned not to publish cases that may harm national security.

The documents are messages that are sent from U.S. embassies abroad to the State Department in Washington. They often contain material that it was in no way meant that the public should be aware of.

Publication of WikiLeaks can be very embarrassing for both host countries and the United States.

Denmark warnedRecently it emerged that the Americans have contacted the Danish Foreign Ministry to give warning of the contents of the next major leak from WikiLeaks.

The Foreign Ministry confirmed to without elaborating on whether this is Ambassador Laurie S. Fulton and Foreign Minister Lene Espersen (K) personally, which has discussed the matter.

- Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been contacted by the Americans on WikiLeaks forthcoming publication. We can not dwell on the content of the conversation, the Foreign Ministry to

UK Government has issued a "D-notice" warning to all UK news editors, asking to be briefed on upcoming WikiLeaks stories.

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