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Thats not all, Netanyahu said....
Sat Dec 4, 2010 15:52

... that the leaks were good for Israel. Remember he said the twin towers attacks on 9-11 were good for israel, and guess what we discovered recently? Evidence that Israel/Mossad did 9-11 in conjunction with traitors in the White House. So if Netanyahu says its good for Israel, they probably set it up that way. LOL

  • Wiki-Leaks is another false flagkathaksung, Sat Dec 4 06:27
    Wiki-Leaks is another false flag 1. It doesn't leak any important secret of dirty insiders of US government. 2. It provokes Iran and other Arab countries. (News that Saudi king asking US to attack... more
    • Thats not all, Netanyahu said.... — Percy, Sat Dec 4 15:52
    • Spies n Counterspies n Befuddled : In this twistin n turnin, NWO mess, this article is revealin but still, covers many secrets, U.S. alleged... more
      • Fairy Tales and Fairy Cakes - WickiLeak & ManningDark Star XXII, Sat Dec 4 19:54
        Oh So Social Club ----- OSS Black Operations - all this rings a bell to me ---- Pink Shirts in the State Department during the Korean War...that was not a war ---- "What constitutes being "openly"... more
      • Julian Assange answers your questionsJulian Assange, Sat Dec 4 07:24
        Julian Assange answers your questions posted 12/03/2010, 11:37 PM (The Guardian) [Category: Resistance] Do you have leaks on ACTA? Julian Assange: Yes, we have leaks on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade... more
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