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9/11 Explosive Connections
Thu Dec 16, 2010 17:12

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Subject: 9/11 Explosive Connections

Kevin Ryan a whistle-blower from UL who performed various testing for NIST, and witnessed first hand from the inside, how NIST falsified this report.

As a result he was fired and his career was destroyed by defamation and character assassination for his speaking out about the scientific misconduct he witnessed after 9/11.


Since that time Kevin Ryan has lead the charge in the serious scientific investigation of 9/11.

The independent scientific investigation into the cause of the destruction of WTC Buildings 1, 2, and 7 has lead us to a rather peculiar set of conclusions...

Nanothermite was found in a variety of dust samples, and also many iron microspheres, which appear to be byproducts of a thermite reaction.

A few other groups moved in with other explanations and at the same time began viciously attacking the evidence pointing to nanothermite, saying that their theory better explained the data.

For a while it was hard to tell what really happened to the WTC towers and Building 7...

But thankfully, new evidence has come forth thanks to the dedicated research of Kevin Ryan, who has published more scientific literature with regards to 9/11 than perhaps any other researcher out there.

The latest article called "Demolition access to the WTC Towers" comes in 4 parts. It's rather long and everything is sourced nicely. We found patents which explain how nanothermite could be used to dustify concrete, since it was always such a mystery why there was so much dustification of concrete on 9/11:

But the real smoking gun for thermite comes in a closer examination of the Tenants, and who occupied these buildings. He also covers the investigation into the collapses by NIST (or rather SAIC the huge Defense Contractor which helped NIST to write much of the report) and some rather interesting connections between the heads of NIST at the time and these nanothermitic materials.
Here is a video with a small portion of the evidence and information:

Clean Up:

Jonathan Cole has drawn up blueprints of the buildings with lists of tenants and their connections, based on Kevin Ryan's research.

Some new names in the ongoing 9/11 investigation:
Barry McDaniel
Wirt Dexter Walker III
Craig Roberts Stapleton

Joseph KasputysJoseph Kasputys

Dr. Kasputys formed Global Insight, Inc. in March 2001 to join together the world's premier economic and financial analysis and forecasting firms: Data Resources DRI and WEFA (formerly Wharton Economic Forecasting Associates), along with Global InTech, a software company specializing in time-series data management and interests in Decision Economics, headed by noted economist Dr. Allen Sinai.

Dr. Kasputys was with Primark Corporation from 1987 to 2000, where he served as chairman, president, and CEO while successfully transforming Primark from a major utility holding company into a leading financial information and information technology firm. While at Primark, he acquired EFA, co-founded Primark Decision Economics and founded Global InTech. He sold Primark to Thomson in September 2000, and briefly served as chairman of Thomson Financial during an integration period.

Coinciding with his role as CEO of Primark, Dr. Kasputys served as president and CEO of TASC (The Analytic Sciences Corporation), an information technology firm and a subsidiary of Primark. He also served as managing director of Datastream, an international financial information company with headquarters in London, also a subsidiary of Primark.

Prior, Dr. Kasputys served as EVP of McGraw-Hill responsible for business development and as Chief Economist responsible for coordinating the economic work of all of its businesses. Dr. Kasputys joined DRI in 1977 and became its COO. DRI pioneered in developing large econometric models and forecasts for many countries and industries. After the sale of DRI to McGraw-Hill, Dr. Kasputys became DRI's president and CEO. From 1972 to 1977, Dr. Kasputys was with the U.S. Department of Commerce, first as Assistant Administrator of the U.S. Maritime Administration and then received a presidential appointment as Assistant Secretary of Commerce. During this period, he helped to found the U.S. Department of Energy.


9:03 a.m. September 11, 2001: Cousin of the President Saved From Death in the South Tower Due to Changed Venue of Meeting
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Jim Pierce.Jim Pierce.. [Source: AON]Jim Pierce, a cousin of President Bush, sees the South Tower of the WTC hit from the nearby Millennium Hotel. Pierce is the managing director of the AON Corporation, an insurance company with offices in WTC 2. He had arranged a business conference, to be held on the tower’s 105th floor this morning. However, the previous night, the conference was moved to the Millennium Hotel because the group was too large for the original room. According to a book by former First Lady Barbara Bush, Pierce later learns that 12 people are in the room where the meeting was originally planned to take place when the South Tower is hit, and only one of them survives. [Boston Globe, 2001; Ananova, 9/18/2001; Newsweek, 10/27/2003] Another AON Corporation meeting is taking place on the 105th floor of the South Tower, run by business executive Mary Wieman. Of about 50 participants in attendance, only six are able to escape. [New York Times, 12/17/2001; USA Today, 9/2/2002]



L. Paul Bremer

Ambassador L. Paul Bremer III is the Presidential Envoy to Iraq. Bremer is the senior Coalition official in the country, overseeing Coalition reconstruction efforts and the creation of new institutions and governing structures in Iraq. Bremer reports to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

Ambassador Bremer was recently the chairman and CEO of Marsh Crisis Consulting, and previously worked as managing director of the Kissinger Group. He served in the U.S. Diplomatic Corps for 23 years under six Secretaries of State. Bremer was named ambassador to the Netherlands in 1983, and was appointed ambassador-at-large for counter-terrorism by Ronald Reagan in 1986. In 1999, Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert appointed him chairman of the National Commission on Terrorism.

Bremer has ties to Komatsu a demolition company that patented nanothermite demolition devices in 1996.


Assange: Master of Truth 'Annoyed' by 9/11 Truthers?

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