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Dallas City Council Candidate Calls For EndingThe FED
Mon Feb 14, 2011 12:42

Extra, Extra Read All About It!

City Council Candidate Calls for
Ending the FED and IRS.

Says It's The Best Short Term Economic Stimulus...

and Necessary for Our Nation's Assured Future!

Here's my official campaign flier


Richard P. Sheridan, P.E.
Dallas City Council, District 13

Age: 64 (I still have most of my hair and teeth!)
Lived in Dallas: 14 years
Lived in Texas: 30 Years (0nly one Ex lives in Texas!)
Ethnicity: 70% Irish, 20% Italian, 10% English, and 100% Patriotic American
Born:The Bronx, New York (Rooted for the Tigers 'n the Braves)
Education: Manhattan College: Bachelor of Civil Eng.,1969;
Master of Environmental Eng., 1970; P.E., NY, 1974
Financial Condition: Broke like many other Americans
Strengths: Communication, Personality, Sense of Humor, and Persistence

I have been active in City and County politics for 8 years, being an advocate for representative and ethical government, social justice, and responsible spending of taxpayer money. I was cited by the Dallas Morning News in 2007 as one of the top 5 speakers before the Dallas City Council. Rev. Joseph Clifford, head of First Prysberterian Church, has called me a prophetic presence, a modern day John the Baptist. So why haven't you heard about me? Fox 4's Shaun Rabb said it best when he stated to me recently, "Rich, the media doesn't cover you because you tell the truth." I ran for City Council '05, and Mayor in '07 as a write-in. Some of my accomplishments/activities include:

1. Instrumental in the construction of the Homeless' The Bridge.
2. Assisted with the "Block-the-Box" jobs program
3. Advocate for Major Changes to City's Ethics Code which is a
billboard. It has done little to stop City Hall corruption,
4. Advocate for breathalyzers in all drinking establishments.
5. Advocate for Dallas adoption of Ft. Worth's C.O.P.s program.
6. Creator of the Solomon Solution to the Trinity River Fiasco.
7. Advocate for a lowering of taxes on District 13 homes thru the
economic development of Dallas southern sector and the Trinity.
8. Advocate for Major Revisions to our Criminal Justice System.
9. Advocate for the Removal of Commissioner John Wiley Price.
(For additional information Google: "Richard P. Sheridan Dallas")

Sheridan's "Radical" Campaign Platform

Today, our city's budget condition/crisis is more and more a reflection of the failure of our Federal Government to promote the general welfare, fulfill their Constitutional responsibilities, and serve the needs of We the People. I believe it is circumstances as these that it is the responsibility of a City Council Member, of a City or State, of We the People to "Speak to Power", to rally the constituency, and find unique ways to communicate to our Federal Government that it has gone astray, acted against the people, and in violation of our Constitution, and then to force change.

The short term solution to Dallas, and our Nation's recession, tax revenue shortfall, and the major budget cutbacks is:

1. Eliminate the Federal Reserve System.

2. Eliminate the IRS.

These two actions will put about $1 Trillion annually into our Nationís economy, and about $3 billion annually into Dallas economy

There are very credible references, and people who will confirm the validity, and constitutionality of both, or one of these actions. They include: Ronald Reagan, and his Grace Commission; JFK's Executive Order 11110; U.S. Congressman Ron Paul; Five former IRS Commissioners; Thomas Jefferson; Former U.S. Congressman Louis T. McFadden; Film Producer Aaron Russo's, America: From Freedom to Fascism.

This National Monetary/Tax Reform advocacy will be balanced by addressing District 13's, and Dallas specific local needs, which includes 1. Morally and cost-effectively serving the least of us, the poor and homeless. 2. Economic Development of the Southern Sector, and, 3. The Resurrection of the Trinity River Plan with the Solomon Solution, both which will reduce District 13s heavy tax burden, 4. An integrated approach to Crime Reduction, and, lastly, 5. Major Revisions to Dallas Ethics Code. My administration will be very open, with monthly group meetings with my constituency. I will also push for an evening city council meeting each month. If you invite me to dinner, and I'll bring the wine, or beer.

Paid for by Richard P. Sheridan for City Council, Richard P. Sheridan Treasurer. Campaign Headquarters: 3022 Forest Lane, No. 304, Dallas, TX 75234 972-815-7570 2/14/11

    • Federal Reservea-salvatore, Mon Feb 14 13:23
      Why in the world would anyone want to get rid of the Federal Reserve. It's not like we could print our own money and not pay interest on it. We would not have to pay interest on our own money and we... more
      • End the FED, then what? johnturmel, Tue Feb 15 09:20
        Jct: The End-the-FEDers always bug me because they never us what we'd replace it with! An economy needs a medium of change just like a poker game needs chips. So who's going to bank the game if not... more
        • RE: END THE FED.... WHAT MONEY?APFN, Tue Feb 15 15:04
      • The Federal Reserve Is A PRIVATELY OWNED Corporation By Thomas D. Schauf Q: Are there many critics of the Federal Reserve beside yourself? A: When I began my... more
        • If you check the Washington DC Congressional Certified Copy of the correct Washington State Constitution you will find in Article VI Section 25 "The legislature shall not delegate to any special... more
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