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Operation Planet Lockdown
Tue Feb 22, 2011 08:50

Operation Planet Lockdown

The aforementioned steps were great distractions for many, but pale in comparison to what 'is significantly more important headed our way' very soon.

Now, upon reviewing my attachments ( memos ) hopefully you, and others, may understand why it's so important to hasten stride away from purposely laid-out government bouncing political, financial and petroleum balls all around us - the 'little people' - easily being taken by the collar down various and sundry pathways to oblivion now just around the corner. While only 'for a few' it may not be the end of their World, events unfolding will soon 'dramatically reduce population levels' to 'more manageable ones' for 'government' as everyone will see very soon.

I know this doesn't come as much notice or perhaps surprising for you, or others, but the information here coupled with reviewing the attachments ( hereto ) may better serve to assist more-so than government distractions.

Believing that some areas of Iowa ( northwest ) look fairly good - when reviewing 'online quieted event timeline forecasts' ( see attachments ) indicating to stay away from large metropolitan areas, waterways ( rivers, lakes, oceans ), now inactive volcanoes, and large earthquake fault lines, I must add to be near a 'natural fresh water supply' not distributed by power grids.

A recent list of 'mainstream news and official reports' of what 'additionally is coming our way very soon':

07JAN11 ( NBC Channel 8 News ):

07JAN11 ( ABC News ):

08JAN11 ( CNBC News ):

06FEB11 ( NBC News ):

14FEB11 ( CARV News ):

Better to plan ahead, upon a seeming fool's memo today, than have done nothing for chaos erupting soon.

It is now 13:42 p.m. ( PST ) Monday 21FEB11.

May God bless +


3 Short Steps Taken By Government -


Recently ( 3-weeks ago ), 260 U.S. Ambassadors from around the World were recalled all at once to the White House, but the mass public never received the 'control civilian populations' brief memo.

- -

Source: U.S. Department Of State


Government blueprint of 'civilian partnershiping with military efforting', initial objectives:

- Create a new UnderSecretary for 'Civilian Security'; - Create a new UnderSecretary for 'Arms Control and International Security Affairs'; - Create a new Coordinator for 'Cyber Issues'; - Create a new Bureau for 'Energy Resources'; - Create a new UnderSecretary for 'Economic Growth, Energy and Environment'; - Create a new Bureau for 'Counterterrorism';

QDDR is the 'only official explanation offered by the U.S. Department of State as to why all ( 260 ) foreign ambassadors were recalled to the U.S. In summation, the U.S. Department of State is creating more effective control over foreign ambassadorship offices and programs.




Joint Force Headquarters-National Capital Region ( JFHQ-NCR ) confirms Power Geyser and Granite Shadow are two ( 2 ) different 'unclassified names' for two ( 2 ) different 'classified plans'. Sensitivity classifications cover deployment of "special mission units" ( Delta Force, SEAL, Rangers, and other special units of Joint Special Operations Command ) inside Washington, D.C. and other domestic hot spot locales.

- Power Geyser [ 'unclassified ops name' ] - CONPLAN 0300 [ 'classified ops plan' ] (fka) "Counter-Terrorism Special Operations Support to Civil Agencies" [ Event ( domestic incident ) ]; and,

- Granite Shadow [ 'unclassified ops name' ] - CONPLAN 0400 [ 'classified ops plan' ] (fka) "Counter-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction."

CONPLAN 0400 was believed to have been a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff ( CJCS ) contingency ops plan countering weapons of mass destruction ( WMD ) during peacetime, however U.S. Northern Command ( NORTHCOM ), the new 'military homeland security command' is preparing a draft version of CONPLAN 0400 for 'military operations in the United States' with resultant Granite Shadow now classified above Top Secret by adding a Special Category ( SPECAT ) compartment restricting access. NORTHCOM has worked closely with U.S. Special Operations Command ( SOCOM ) as well as the secret branches of non-military agencies and departments to enforce "unity of command" over any 9/11 subsequent homeland security efforts.

- -


Recently ( 2-weeks ago ), the "New York Stock Exchange ( NYSE )" was suddenly sold to DEUTSCHE BOERSE, but the mass public never received the 'blameshifting market collapse plan' memo.


[ ]

- -


Recently ( last week ), the price of gasoline suddenly shot straight with 'twice a day increases at the pump', but the mass public never received the 'too expensive to eat or drive to safety' memo.



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