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Tue Feb 22, 2011 21:40

Holographic Warfare - Shows - Coast to Coast AM

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"Electronic Harassment & Warfare

Date: 02-22-11
...Host: George Noory
Guests: Fred Bell, Mitch Battros

Scientist and innovator Dr. Fred Bell discussed reports of electronic harassment and holographic warfare technology. Electronic harassment comes in a variety of forms-- it can be imposed surveillance of people's belongings or surroundings, sabotaging of computers, directed high energy devices, as well as voice/data imaging, in which voices are beamed into a person's head.

The symptoms of electronic harassment include unusual forgetfulness, suicidal & homicidal thoughts, panic attacks, depression, and paranoia, he detailed. In some cases, he continued, it can include the stoppage of power to appliances, movement of objects that might fall of a shelf and break, and computer failures and problems. One type of attack, he said, is carried out by "confusion weaponry" which uses frequencies or impulses to disrupt thoughts. He cited an LA newscaster who garbled her words in a live report, as possibly being a target of the technology.

Bell also talked about the advancement of satellites, which can knock things out of the sky with EMP pulses. Law enforcement is developing devices to remotely shut down the electronic ignition of cars they're chasing, he added. Victims of electronic harassment can use counteraction technology to block energy or absorb microwave radiation, he stated. One of his recent inventions is the QBAM (Quantum Biological Administrating Machine), a quantum healing device.

Earth Changes Update
First hour guest, earth changes expert Mitch Battros reported on the deadly New Zealand earthquake-- a shallow quake that hit in an area with soft dirt. He also made connections between recent volcanoes, solar flares, and the pole shift, citing the lessening of Earth's magnetic field."

Fred Bell on HAARP =


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