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Racism and Racist Black Commissioner Exposed in Dallas, Texa
Fri Mar 11, 2011 09:21

John Wiley Price is Dallas Pied Piper of Racism. He exposed himself when he yelled out...Ya'll are White, Go to hell,"

Below is the email I sent to the publicher of the Monoply Dallas Morning News who facilitates the John Wiley Price, and the Barak Obamas of our Nation,

Please pray for me!

Rich Sheridan
One Angry Irishman

P.S. St Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland, and TOGETHER, we will drive the Price, Obama, Pelosi, etc snakes from our Nation!!


To: Jim Moron-ey, Dallas Morning News Publisher, and John Wiley Price, a chocolate covered WHITE MAN.

I made two offers to the News publisher Jim Moroney. First, I'd walk away from the City Council election if the News gave me a 1 year contract as a free lance writer. No response,

Then I offered to walk away from the election if the News published the speech below that I just gave to the Dallas City Council. No response.

Why is Dallas in the mess that we are in?

Two BIG reasons.

1. John Wiley-for-the Right-WHITE-Price

2. Jim Moron-ey

Both have promoted racism and class warfare either overtly, or covertly. Both, along with the Dallas Citizens Council are responsible for most all of the human suffering in Dallas, County and City.

This may be Rich Sheridan's last communication, because either the Dallas Citizens Council may send out their assassins, or John Price his thugs, and I be gone. If I do make it to Monday at 5 pm, then they may initiate a propaganda campaign to destroy any chance of my winning the District 13 seat. Of course all this negative effort will only continue to further divide us, and destroy our city and county which is on the brink of becoming another Tunisa, or Egypt.

The News is facilitating the current attack on our new mayor, and meanwhile the two biggest stories and issues are:

1. Dallas is now in violation of the U.S. Supreme Ct. with the recent decision by the SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES to stop New York's effort to have the SPECIAL PRIVILEDGE FRONT OF THE LINE AT IT'S AIRPORTS for GREEN fuel cabs. Dallas is doing this at LOVE FIELD, in the face of a pending trial on the matter. For some reason the judge pulled a restraining order which stopped it, two months after initiating it, which has allowed the screwing of hundreds of cab drivers so Yellow cab and T. Boone Pickens can make tons of money. The cabbies strike on the matter disrupted Super bowl activities and embarassed Dallas nationally.

2. The theft of the Dallas May election. It is now clear that John Wiley Price and his cabal, his Black mafia, is orchestrating the theft of the May city council and mayor's election as an agent of the Dallas Citizens Council, with the Dallas Morning news going along, as they have either ignored, or outright promoted corrupt politicians, or the Dallas Citizens City Council Agenda.

I'm here to help our city become free of those who would rule us like tyrants. I will continue until my dying breath in this important work.



Racism, the Homeless, and the Trinity River Plan

Presented to the Dallas City Council by Richard P. Sheridan, Professional Engineer, N.Y. - Activist - 972-815-7570 March 9, 2010

I have appeared many times before the Dallas City Council over the past 8 years. I have been arrested and banned from this building for a month because of my attempts to share some very important information about the homeless with the City Council, and with my fellow Dallas citizens. I have lived in Dallas for 14 years, and the Metroplex area in-total for 30 years. If you can't tell, I'm from New York, coming to Dallas in 1981 following my dream, which became a nightmare. Things are a lot better now. I have picked up my cross, and am following Him. One could say that I benefitted from suffering over 25 years ago what many are suffering today...loss of job, divorce, eviction, family dysfunction/separation, suffering, and be able to help those suffering today.

When New York was first founded the settlers soon had conflicts with its Native American population, genociding them either because they wouldn't pay taxes, or because the Europeans wanted their land. New York then became the major slave trade port in the colonies in the 1700s. Over a 400 year period, New York experienced all of the major sociological battles and revolutions, from The American Revolution, to anti-slavery battles, to labor battles, to the industrial revolution battles, to the Women’s Voting Rights movement, to two World Wars, to the Great Depression, to Gay and Women' rights, to 911, and lastly to the destruction of the United States economy by Wall St, that Wicked Area of Lucifer's Liabilities. This is my heritage, the culture that I come from.

Racism is the fundamental cause of all men’s suffering. Racism, by definition means the rule, or the attempt of one race to rule another race using "differences" between the races as the justification. The truly odd aspect of Racism is that it is promoted by significant populations of all religions that profess to be godly people. The pyramid gives us a good understanding of Racism. There’s the ruling race on the top, and then an increasing number of races as you go down the pyramid, until we get to the virtually complete slave races on the bottom. These are the poorest Nations. The industrialized nations, and second and third world nation status follows this pattern. Going from top to bottom, the races are increasingly en-slaved. Racism isn't just a color issue. It includes religious racism, economic, rich vs. poor racism, nationality racism, and blood-line racism. Racism is a major tool used by the RACISTS, the SATANIC FORCES amongst us who divide mankind to maintain rule, to maintain the unequal sharing of the World's resources, most going to the RACISTS, the Tare, the Tare-able, the takers amongst us, with less and less going to We the People, the Wheat. RACISTs are “Put Down Artists”, people who love putting others down. Governments, and the Military, and some police depts. have been the Racists instruments of rule.

However, the rule of the RACISTS is coming to an end. Revelation 20 is clear about it. As we go from the pyramid to the round table in social structure here in Dallas after the wicked are rounded up, we will be then be empowered to address the needs of the poor and homeless, and fulfill the destiny of the our Trinity River. With racism gone, with John Wiley Price gone, Dallas' pier-piper of racism, and others like him, we will clear our jail of 2200 mentally ill homeless, and put them is a safe, Godly place. We will feed our poor, and provide shelter to all our homeless, helping them transition back into society. We will rehabilitate our prisoners, instead of feeding the modern-day slave-ship prisons. With Racism gone from Dallas, we will become the Trinity City of Good Government, Good Business, and Good Citizens, and we will build the Solomon Trinity River Park to bring our City together. We will build a park where the children of all races, colors and creeds in Dallas, and the World, will come and play together. When our children grow up they will see no differences in humanity, but will only see God’s beauty, and unity. Let us begin to celebrate what dreams, what prophesy will come, when all races lay down their "differences"-weapons, and take up the manner of God's brotherly love for all. This is the other side of the Mountain that Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. saw 50 years ago.


John Wiley Price

is Dallas

Pied Piper of Racism!!

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