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willpwilson 908
Satanism, Jews, Draconians, Reptilians, Elitists, Link Dots?
Sat Mar 12, 2011 11:22

A-tuned to the topic of: the "Military Religious Freedom Foundation."

Military Religious Freedom Foundation | The Constitutional ...
The Constitutional Conscience of the United States Military.

On the weekly Community Access TV show the "All Day Live," show
Dr. William B. Mount has reported several times on the issue of
military (hidden) policy that a person cannot make it past
the rank of Captain in the Military unless he or she joins
the all encompassing, thereof,the secretive military hierarchical
system of Satanic Ritual network that then enables a person to be able
to work up the ranks in the military ant hill.

This secret yet all controlling Satanic Military Network serves
as the all controlling Satanist network that is a-tuned to being
like the Mafia's P-2 Masonic Lodge, and or it is in part, part
of the P-2 Masonic Lodge.
"Absolute power corrupts absolutely"
Rothschild Bank AG Zurich tied to Calvi Murder and P2 Masonic Lodge

The Mafia's P-2 Lodge, as has been mentioned buy those who had decided
not to join the lodge only to find out later that if they decline
in joining that they themselves will become targeted for elimination
as well.

Apparently these P-2 Lodge witnesses have mentioned that in order
to join the Masonic P-2 Lodge and then also to be enabled to make it up the ranks, they first must carry out an assigned task (to prove their loyalty) that is an assigned task that involves murder, targeted elimination, use of poisons and weaponry including today's state of the art Psychotronic weapons and then also theft, blackmail, the usual
destruction of target people of the heads of the Lodge.

As mentioned that the national Police Chiefs network, or
thereof, the City, County, and State Police Chiefs cannot
serve as a police Chief, unless they are sworn under
the NSA, the National Security Agency.

This is also why the extreme ability of the NSA, the FBI,
and the CIA and the MOSSAD (the only foreign military intelligence
authorized with complete international immunity to carry out
their activities on American Soil with arms) to be enabled to cover up their extreme crimes against all of humanity including their rampant
cover ups and political protections and blackmailing of their vast pedophile operations, prostitution, drugs, weapons, money laundering activities. Involving the MOSSAD control and manufacturing of almost all Extasy and MDMA throughout the world and North America.

Just on example as to how the NSA controls all Police Chiefs and
all law enforcement jurisdictions in North America:
Bush/CIA/NSA/Mafia Mind Control Victims Gary Ridgeway, a decoy to save Satanic Establishment. Pt 2 Sat Jan 24 17:16:24 2004
The Satanic Elites:World Domination Pt 3
The Bohemian Grove and the Murder of Polly Klaas July 13,2001
willpwilson 908 Francis Gary Powers Murdered to Not Disclose Oswald as KGB Mon Feb 8, 2010;article=128487
The Famed and courageous Investigative Journalist "Bob on the Job,"
Robert E. Lee Lewis for Americans Bulletin:
After Bob Lewis's five year (1998 to 2002) illegal detainment on the orders of Bush Senior in the Joplin Mo. Federal Detention Facility Psychiatric Division, due to Bob's intent in 1998, on publishing and exposing the Bush Crime Family's coming 2000 election fraud. He was detained illegally in Houston in late 1998 after having done absolutely nothing but publish the truth on these Crime Family Syndicates and their control of the U.S. Government and all foreign policy. Apparently right after Bob Lewis's release from the Joplin Mo. Detention facility after his four year illegal detainment, Bob Lewis has never been seen or heard from again.

Thereof, it is now revealed that the NSA is nothing other then an mass electronic targeting agency that has been, along with the CIA, equipping it's agency operatives and contractors, with super advanced (electo-magnetic) Psychotronic weaponry and Super Mind Control technologies and that all or most of the NSA and the CIA are members of this same Satanist hierarchy that controls the upper ranks of the U.S. Military, thereof, most of the NSA are also part of the Masonic lodge.

Apparently the NSA, the CIA, and their contracted Israeli MOSSAD have
been targeting millions of Americans, Canadians, and world peoples
especially in the already illegally destroyed countries of Afghanistan, Iraq, as that it is very well known that Israel has been very successful in testing out it's experimental array of Psychotronic weaponry on the people of Palestine and as well as the peoples that the Israeli high command have deemed as being enemies of Israel.

And, how is anyone going to be able observe these invisible
and vastly destructive weapons hence whey not fry and mind control your enemy instead of using deadly visible force. Psychotronic works so much better and target and destroy the minds of endless millions of people without the people even ever knowing that they have been the extreme and heinous target of on going Mind Control Psychotronic weaponry.

Thereof, on weekly All Day Live program that I, Will P. Wilson, host, produce, and air every Friday night at 10:00 pm from Seattle Community Access Network Television, ( and All Day Live is pre-recorded weekly broadcast of interviews with key and unique
people, repeats every Wednesday afternoon at 5:00 pm PST.

In a recent publication of the Seattle Free Masons, mentioned that
the lodges no longer have to use the Holy Bible in their secret
ceremonies any more, as that the DeMolay Founders clearly instated that the Masons must solely and only follow in full accordance to Biblical scripture. And, now what is prevailing is the Masonic Orders
are now establishing themselves above God.

Where did the "Jews," really come from, how is it that they can
always have the right people, and enough of their (hive) people
to enable to carry out the entire theft of this entire planets,
communication systems, banking systems, military and weapons

But in other perspectives, just how does it always work out positively for these so called Draconian "Jews?" Always, how do they always pull off their extreme deadly and criminal control factor over their dumbed down Sheoples?

And how is it that they just some how just are always enabled to fool the common people (the Sheoples) and then always take over the Sheoples (peoples) governments, their banking, their over all economies and screw over the people, and herd the peoples into endless needless wars for solely and only their mass global profiteering schemes and they always (like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and the crime families who own the Federal Reserve) get away with their incredible crimes again all of humanity and we never do anything to stop these Draco Hornets nest.

The BinLaden family are apparently Arabian Jews, thereof, their family member named Osama BinLaden, who was otherwise known as CIA agent Tim Osman, and thus, remember the Bush Crime Family and Bin laden family being tied to the Carlylse Group, and that the Al Qaida - Al Qaeda (El CIA dah) is a CIA operation handling the supply of most of the arms that the CIA and MOSSAD have been for many decades to the Al Qaeda via the Bin Laden Family (and their Israeli affiliates) who are the largest arms dealers in the middle east.

The Jesuits who are the Military Order of the Catholic Church,
or otherwise known as the Superior General of the Society of Jesus,
The Holy see, founded the CIA, and apparently still control
behind the scenes the CIA. Pope authorized pedophilia.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=eec7b1769f792670

Robert E. Lee Lewis was set up to falsely arrested by a Vance Beaudreau who in the late 1990s who at that time was the legal
assistant to crime family linked Houston attorney named Joe Izen who then they went on to forge my signature to everything that I had owned and worked for my entire lifetime and to destroy my life and my family. And, the judicial and law enforcement system did absolutely nothing to help me to try to get my estate back. While the sheep are sleeping, the predators move in -

All Day Live this next week on Monday at noon on
has Janet O"Brien (who is a Seattle private detective owning the Seattle Detective Service: (206) 624 - 9624)) exposing the extreme corruption going on in the Dorothy Gregga King County Superior Court estate civil case appeal: 666410-I Division One where Janet O'Brien outlines the extreme theft and felonious activities of the attorney's and the residing judges handling the (now deceased Dorothy Gregga) case.

Judical corruption: why are they immune from prosecution?
February 13, 2011 by ppjg

Washington State: The predatory guardianship of Dorothy Grega
February 14, 2011 by ppjg

This following Friday night will be more global warnings outlined by
Dr. William B. Mount, and Curtis Roys will reporting on the Leo Wanta circumstance and the murder of Christopher Story who was murdered last year. Christopher Story is the author of the book "The New underworld Order," and published the news site.

Truth vs. News with Dick Lee and Keith Ljunghammar and produced and hosted with Don Grahn, (live) weekly on Thursdays at 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm and repeated Thursday nights at 10:00 pm.

Call4Investigation is hosted with Patricia Shupe, co-hosted
with Will P. Wilson, Keith Ljunghammar, (occasionally) Janet
O'Brien, with technical support provided by Don Grahn,
(live) weekly on Tuesdays at 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm and repeated that
Tuesday night at 10:00 pm. The highly respected and listened to Rich Sheridan has appeared many times as a phone in guest to the Call4Investigation show.

Don Grahn also produces the "All Ways Pursuing Truth," program
that appears almost daily on-line at
and all weekly programs can be found also at

Also, Daniel Moore a well known investigative journalist
who has posted his stories and reports on this
Message (News) Board:
has reported that while he had been serving in the U.S. Air Force in the 1960's that while working in top secret missile silos that the reigning high ranking Satanists has been targeting him due to his refusal to join the Satanist network.

Another great man named Grugyne Silverbristle, who used to publish his stories about the Jewish debacle of control, posting his stories on this Message Board for many years until his untimely passing away in his sleep, that to this day sends up red flags that they didn't like the truth that Grugine Silverbristle was publishing about this all self empowered Jewish global Crime Syndicate phenomena and that they murdered Grugyne in his sleep with a Satellite based Psychotronic laser weapons system. The same type of Laser technologies that they have been using to eliminate, to mind control,
and to holographic tag millions of American and world peoples.
Electronic Mind Control -
willpwilson - Spaced Based Holographic Laser Mind Control Implants.
Wed Feb 23, 2011;article=135965;title=APFN
WillPWilson All Day Live from weekly
Don Harkins Ed. for the Idaho Observer Dead by Pychotronics.
Wed Jul 7, 2010;article=131166;
Laser Holographic Psychotronics,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=f65aa1d3f8dcd1fc
The Judeo-Russian Mafia - Dr David Duke
Israel: The Promised Land for Organized Crime - 1

For Those Who Don’t fully comprehend the Powerful Role of Jewish Supremacists in the Change of American Immigration Policy!
3/5/2011 - New Video — Israel the Promised Land of Organized Crime
3/6/2011 - Thousands of Italians March against the Mafia
Posted under: Thousands of Italians March against the Mafia While Jewish Groups and Media Cover Up Jewish Criminals

Jews Draconians,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=eec7b1769f792670

draconians reptilians,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=4a58a8a8875eab3a
The following article is of extreme revelation of about what is real and what is really behind the total annihilation of our entire system of laws, media, government, banking, etc.:;article=136176;title=APFN
Sat Mar 12, 2011 09:11

Actually "RICH"...Racism in Review...holds that in fact, God is a Racist...Jesus, when speaking to his disciples said that He came to the LOST SHEEP of the HOUSE of Israel. At That time NO ONE on Earth had ever heard of a "JEW" or of anyone being "JEWISH"...EVER !!! In the for what it is worth dept. , = The Synagogue of Satan has "administered" DALLAS COUNTY....for a long time.[1933] There are several reasons why, 1]The Federal Reserve...$$$ takes MONEY to do stuff, LIKE MURDER a President in Dealey Plaza. A Satanic/Masonic/Talmudic RITUAL...sacrifice. /// = 2]The First Baptist Church & The Masonic Lodge..Same / SAME...The Deacons are mostly 32% {degree} Masons. WHAT ARE THE ODDS ? 3} Dallas is a very "Money" oriented SOCIETY, much different than Ft. Worth. Who Prints the CURRENCY ? {The Synagogue of Satan - JEWISH ECONOMIC TERRORISTS} It would help considerably if Texans took a few minutes each day to find out the TRUTH & Seek Justice.

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