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Accelerated instantly, at high speed to the south and dissap
Wed Mar 16, 2011 08:13

Case Number: 28237
Log Number: FR-03142011-0005
Submitted Date: 2011-03-14 22:48 GMT
Event Date: 2011-02-04 14:45 GMT
Status: Submitted
City: Aubenas
Country: FR

Aubenas is a commune in the southern part of the Ardèche department in the Rhône Valley in southern France.

Longitude: 4.3885518
Latitude: 44.6192773
Shape: Oval,Saturn-like
Distance: One mile or less
Location: Farmland
Terrain: Hills
Visibility: Partly Cloudy
Weather: Windy
Entity Type: None
Vallee Index: MA1


I was at my house, trying to look near the sun with my binoculars by using some kind of structure to block out the sun, to see UFO's.

I had a surprising result with the naked eye, and read somewhere that you could see them better with binoculars, so I'd try it(well, it does, but it also hurts your eyes aftermath, so I don't recommend doing it).

But that is another story.

I found myself some comfortable place to observe, by opening the door and sitting in the corridor.

I could adjust when the sun was moving down by simply moving further in the house.

But when looking in the binoculars, I saw a black object, oval with the edges kinda flatenned saturn-like.

It was very small even in the binoculars and I though it was a bird. But it just hovered there and could only be a UFO.

It was completely black, and smooth with no structure protuding from it.

It had 3 lights, faint in the daylight, red-orrangish, lighting and turning off at regular intervalls of 5 seconds.

Imagine 3 beacons, light from left to right, and fade off quickly.

The lights were separated from the UFO, there was nothing between them and the ufo.

The lights, turned on maybe 4 or 5 times and then stopped, The UFO just hovered there without moving.

My arms were tired because of the weight of the binoculars so I put them down for sometime, then looking back up it was still there.

Then it accelered instantly, at high speed to the south and dissapeared behind the mountains, not enormously high speed like you see in the youtube videos, but still very high speed, it also looked like it was falling down, but still dissapeared behind the mountains which were pretty far away (about 4 km).

Using Horizontal coordinate system the object was about 45?

high when hovering, 0? being the horizon and 90? the zenith.

I made a drawing as best as I could representing what I saw.


Case Number: 28240
Log Number: PH-03162011-0001
Submitted Date: 2011-03-16 00:13 GMT
Event Date: 2010-11-03 16:16 GMT
Status: Submitted
City: Cebu
Country: PH

The City of Davao (Tagalog: Lungsod ng Dabaw; Cebuano: Dakbayan sa Dabaw) is the largest city on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines.

Longitude: 123.8634544
Latitude: 10.3591887
Shape: Circle,Disc,Oval,Sphere
Distance: Unknown
Vallee Index: FB2


it was sunny afternoon.

at around 4:16pm. davao philippines.

me and family were on vacation.

i was baby sitting my baby girl.

i was holding my 6 month old baby girl,when i saw 5 to six white disc objects passing from the south going to north of where i was standing.

we where at my in laws house at that time.

i called out to anybody from the house to get the camera quick.

my wife said "why?'. i shouted just give me the camera! i thought they are ufo as we are near the airport, those cannot be planes.

they are white disc. no sound,no wings, no rotors, no tails.

then my wife niece came out of the house with the camera. a digital ixus 200is.

i said go and shoot pictures at them pointing at these white dics. she ask me what are those?.

they are going for a cloud. i said just shoot the pictures first.

she was shaking when she took the picture.

so i said give me that camera. and i have this pictures taken.

she then asked me," are those alien ufos? i said maybe.

then they disappear when they passed behind the cloud.

i was expecting them to come out of the cloud, but they just simple went "in" the cloud.

or behind the cloud.

i was happy somebody from my family also saw it.

at least we got also a picture. so were not crazy or seeing things. so im sending the original photo.

with the second photo with circles indicating them

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