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Osama using Western Electrical Outlets? CIA surplus equipmt?
Mon May 9, 2011 10:00

May 9, 2011 - Bin Laden taped watching a television and is the television plugged into a Western electrical outlet not the type used in Pakistan?
williammount@aol.com to me
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Dr Wilson The film of Osama watching TV show the TV
plugged into an US electrical outlet, not a Pakistani electrical outlet. Which means......it was filmed either in the USA or Canada. Dr Mount
Osama Bin Laden can be seen sitting on the floor of the compound watching video footage of himself on television. The image shows the objects around him in his Abbottabad compound, including TVs, a PC, digital decoder... and a boster pillow
Dr. William B. Mount - williammount@aol.com
Dr Will P Wilson

The photo of the Dead Osama Bin Ladden
(Ben Osmand) had almost no white hair.

In 1991 Obama had allot of white in hei beard,
the dead Osama has almost no white hair and
almost no wrinkles.

Obama forgot to paint Osama's beard white.

How stupid.

Clinton bombed Yugoslavia and killed
Slovadon Malosavich to cover up sex
with Moinca Lewinski.

Obama killed a dead man to cover up
the fact that he committed forgery
and fraud on a birth certificate.

It is nt going to work.

He forgot to paint Osama's
beard white.

He used a hospital on his
birth certificate that did not exist in 1961.

So the real question is - who did he really order killed?
Their objective is to keep the bees nest stirred up worldwide.
And, why are the Pakistanis now threatening reprisal for the next U.S. eliminations (hit) operation? So what are we not observing other then their super advanced Pyschotronic, Telegeodynamic and HAARP warfare technologies and these are on full operation right now, look what they just did to the Midwest and Southeast with Weather Warfare Technologies.

U.S. warns Americans of reprisal, closes Pakistan embassies as Taliban threatens attack May 2, 2011

Pakistan Threatens reprisal
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