Bin Laden and America
Mon May 9, 2011 17:02

So the truth is the Skull and Bones, Illuminati, Freemasons definitely know about the 9/11 scam and were involved in some way. Bush and Bin Laden BOTH were members and connected to crime corruption and the Carlysle Business Group. So can anyone that is very smart about this subject have a way of contacting me? it is erniecolorado (at) gmail (dot) com. I would love to hear from you!

  • 5/8/11 .... Guest host John B. Wells (email) was joined by geopolitical analyst Craig B. Hulet, who discussed the recent developments in the Middle East, the War on Terror, bin Laden's role in 9-11,... more
    • Bin Laden and America — erniecolorado1, Mon May 9 17:02
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