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willpwilson 908
Odessey Dawn - plan for False Flags Worldwide Underway Now.
Wed May 11, 2011 11:56

On Wed, May 11, 2011 at 2:03 PM, Dr. William B. Mount wrote:

Dr Wilson

As the Mississippi river rises and the Fukushima Plants 1 and 4 burn and send clouds of radioactive materials over Tokyo, Hawaii and now the USA, as more nuclear radiation is released from the 600,000 stored Nuclear Rods at Fukushima the US (NATO) is still moving forward with Odyssey Dawn.

Odessey Dawn is a plan established by the US Army War College back in 1994 by Dr Steven Metz (Rand Corporation) and James Kievet.

The plan calls for False Flags against various nations, Computer Generated Insurgents, and various political dissidents to continue this War Based Economy.

The destruction of Farmland through purposeful pollution - dumping nuclear and chemical contaminants into the Mississisppi River during hte flooding, hte leaking of 100,000,000 gallons of raw crude oil into the Alberta Aquaffers, the burned up 4,000 nuclear rods at Fukushima (20,000 Pounds of raw Urianium, equal to 300 Hiroshima Bombs) falling of farmland in Japan, Hawaii and the USA Homeland; the FDA shutting down Amish Farmers for milking cows (Rainbow Acres) are all part of this war plan.

The 9.5 earthquake planned for the Mississippi valley in a few short weeks, the eruption of Yellow Stone National Park, and the Earthquakes planned for the Western USA will only make the war sweeter as Americans die is mass and more farmland becomes unproductive.

Less food - higher food prices - the poor starve to death. Useless Food Eaters anyway, right?

In addition when a nation comes out of debt from the IMF the Rothchild's order the UK/US military to initiate "Creative Destruction" of these nations - the killing of their leaders, seizing of their wealth, the establishment of a new government indebted to the IMF. IE: Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, etc.

NATO - a private corporation, was initially set up to sell US made weapons. This can be found in the early Foundation papers for NATO and their original purchasing agreements.

Occasionally the Rothchild's will order the Spanish or French to do their killing but their Military Command Structure leaves much to be desired.

The Spat between China and the US and Russia is so ordered to keep your eyes off of the real issues at hand.

So - War stimulates the Economy, contains the liberals,(Report from Iron Mountain) and will lead to the elimination of 80 - 90% of this worlds population and leave the Rothchild's and the Pope King of this world.

If you disobey the Jesuits will kill you through assassination. Scum bag hit men for the Pope. This is the power behind this driving force - the Jesuits.

Of course - this also means the killing of NSA, FBI, Homeland security employees, their wives, children, and grandchildren, Once they have done their jobs they are a liability.

Far fetched?

Read CONPLAN 8010-09 as signed by the US Secretary of Defense and approved by the President, FEMA Operation Devolution signed by the Secretary of FEMA and approved by the President, a a dozen others like CONPLANS 0400, 3501, 3502..............

And who needs politicians when you have a king?

Kiss your rears by by Congressman and Judges.

Useless food eaters anyway.

A small price to pay for a New World Order (Novus Ordro Seclorum). See a US dollar bill.

Lucifer's Finest Hour. All hail Lucifer Incarnate - the Pope.

Oops - he forgot about the Living God, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Everything has a price.

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta
Cpt (Ret) USA

Just though we should put this all in perspective.

If this plan moves forward as planned the will be great death around the world beginning 1 May 2011 and accelerating by 1 June 2011. It is time for these Rat Packs in DC, London and Rome to pull out all the strings and begin the mass killing.

You might want to post this.
May 11, 2011 To Dr. William B. Mount from Dr. Will P. Wilson
Bill, it would appear that as you have been mentioning on the All Day Live show and on the Call4Investigation programs (that are weekly broadcast by streaming Webcast at, about these parties and organizations that are now hidden and embedded into the all controlling governmental network that calls itself in charge.

The all powerful self appointing hierarchy who today from behind the scenes are forcing their administrative commands and demands revealing that what was the people's government is now a government that appears to belong to the planets wealthiest elitists and follows their
agendas of power, control, and profiteering while giving themselves the total reign as being the all powerful chosen few who have appointed themselves more powerful over the people.

Yet the American people are supposed to have their power over their government and the American people were never supposed to have allowed for these hidden all powerful elitists the capability to take over our government and our country.

That these administrations of this now considered to be a gangster government are now crumbling like the collapsing of the stacks of cards, and that their emblematic and vicarious unwarranted powerful positions of office and their crystal towers and palaces would and are now beginning to crumble, as you had mentioned that they soon would.

Well below are some links to the verification that this entire nations governmental infrastructure is showing signs of the beginning of it's serious deterioration from within it's hierarchy.

Disintegrating Government Infrastructure, and try to realize that what is being exposed is only the only one snow flake on top of the mountains of corruption and now their (exclusive) hierarchical Bees nest is breaking down at all levels of failed human integrity.

Whereas as is evident now that these governmental hierarchies are collapsing and failing at all professional levels of performance and responsibility throughout the entire government.

That these hierarchical governmental departments and agencies should not only be questioned, the elements and the parties who have taken over these governmental agencies (that most people don't know are in actuality corporate structures incorporated to the U.S. corporation, Inc.) that these elements chiefs and heads be removed, fired and or arrested, and replaced on the administrative decisions and oversight of the people of this nation, finally.

That the leaders of these departmental official governmental organizations and congress, should be promptly removed on the immediate and notwithstanding demands of this nations people.

So apparently, they have become so corrupt and out of control that they are now destroying themselves from within.

You have mentioned that the FBI would begin to crumble and self destruct and that the FBI, and State Department personnel and foreign agents would also begin to be murdered over seas and sure enough they close down the entire U.S. Pakistan Embassy and immediately remove all State Department personnel from Pakistan.

China took custody of the crashed stealth helicopter that had crashed at the Bin Laden compound death staging and media diversion, and there is more behind this subtle news report.
(Pakistan to let Chinese plunder secret U.S. stealth helicopter downed in Bin Laden raid)

China is now aligning with Pakistan and booting the corrupt and out of control U.S. Military and intelligence mass murder fiasco out now. China is already building bases in Pakistan.
Salt Lake FBI office has serious lapses that could jeopardize national security, sources say May 10th, 2011 @ 10:00pm - Lori Prichard reporting - produced by Kelly Just
Post Office Reports Billions In Losses.
Shadow Government Bunkers: Security Heightened at Underground Storage Facilities
Linked from:
Alert: U.S. Withdraws All Pakistan Embassy Staff… Prepare for War

Linked from:
Prepare for War U.S. Withdraws All Pakistan Embassy Staff
Monday, May 09, 2011 10:10 - Mon May 9, 2011
The Visual Prayer (thing) is bigger then we can comprehend, and it just doesn't exist yet effectively to help the people of this planet the capability to visualize and see their corrupt governments and terrestrial problems disappearing.
yet because we are the inspired inspire-rs of this and we are the chosen inspirational source, we the people of this nation and this community, to not cease to inspire millions of people very soon to become intuned and begin to tune into their daily (community and on-line) Visual Prayer Network.

Visual Prayer composed with Goth Music, with Visual Prayer Rap Music, with Visual Prayer Blues, Visual Prayer Instrumentals and other stuff, etc. Just watch, once the Visual Prayer Rap (Visual Rap Music) catches on, it will really catch on quickly. Isn't it our duty to see and visualize that this happens?
We can all Visualize together to see the people who forced this
(another) unwarranted and uncalled for mass murder to loose their power and their command positions as the heads of NATO, NORAD, the U.S. Congress and the Presidency and all who are profiteering from this Depleted Uranium Genocide.

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    • Odessey Dawn - plan for False Flags Worldwide Underway Now. — willpwilson 908, Wed May 11 11:56
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