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willpwilson 908
The Gov't Not Only Going Broke, But Disintegrating As Well.
Wed May 11, 2011 12:38

Post Office Reports Billions In Losses.

I would bet that the Post Office budget loss involved the laundering and disappearing of the many billions of dollars with the help of the globalist Crime Syndicate Hierarchies that now inundate every parameter of every level of government, so no wonder that there is literally no accurate accountability any more, any where.
Remember, Israeli duo citizen and MOSSAD asset, Dov Sakheim (the lead Pentagon Comptroller) steals more then 2.3 trillion dollars from the Pentagon just before 911, and simply walks?

As David Wynn Miller ( also has mentioned on the All Day Live show (weekly from produced by WillPWilson), that the Queen (of Britain) is no longer actually the Queen but the Post Master General of Britain.

That the Queen being actually not the actual Queen any more as explained by David Wynn Miller now controls all of Britain's currency.

As David Icke has described the witnessed reports of many people that Britain's royal hierarchy (these are Royal Reptilians in actuality) also hold the control over the (the U.S. corporation, Inc.) and thereof, the Queen also controls and owns the U.S. Post Office as well as a percentage of the Federal Reserve and even the IRS.

And, as Judge David Wynn Miller says, the U.S. Post Office is actually a private corporate asset (of the Queen's).

So wouldn't it make sense that if the (phoney) Queen being in truth the Post Master General of Britain, Canada, Australia, and the U.S. (and not being actually the Queen).

And, regarding the Windsors actual and over all history, they have literally never actually done anything for the British and or the Crown's peoples other then suck them dry behind the scenes and eat their Children as David Icke has mentioned.

This matter was in fact, recently brought out in the alternative media describing the more then seventy thousand North American (native nations) children, (in Canada, Alaska, and the Yukon etc.), for more then a forty year period, were disappeared and never seen again in observed and witnessed events that tie directly to complicity by the QUEEN (reptilian) and the Windsor family members.

These elitist parties decide who gets arrested and or who is eliminated and this is why no one on Wall Street has been arrested for the trillions of dollars in theft except their poster boy Bernie Maddoff who was sentenced to a country club disguised as a prison and his double is apparently serving the time for Bernie while Bernie is living anonymously.

Numerous articles on this matter have been posted on-line by "butlincat." and have been also posted on the
Message (News) Board over this last year.


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    • The Gov't Not Only Going Broke, But Disintegrating As Well. — willpwilson 908, Wed May 11 12:38
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