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willpwilson 908
Bohemia Grove-Deep Underground Labyrnths for Torture & Rape
Wed Jul 13, 2011 06:28

Anon: "Satanism is the official religion of the American corporate boardroom."

Bohemia Grove is not just a Friendly Men's annual Fraternal Get Together. Not even. It is what goes on underneath their Monte, Rio California Satanist Sacrificial playground.
"Did you read that... Lilith is described as either a winged serpent or a screech owl WHO MURDERS INFANTS!"

Bohemia Grove is still a Satanic Fraternity but you just can't see
what this Satanic Elitist Globalist Rothschild Cult are doing due to it all being carried out in their vast underground caverns and labyrinths just the like they carry out at their Colorado Kimball Castle - Stew Webb Kimball Castle,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=a6dd9527a3a501e9&biw=1280&bih=888
And, under their Disneyland's underground tunnels?

What is Really Underneath Disney Land and Disney World?
Where hundreds if not thousands of children and young adults have
never returned from. Yes, these Satanic Elites even make everything look so right when all these Elitists have created and have owned are operations and locations that are for solely and only serving their Satan and Lucifer.

As well for their on going and continuous human sacrifice to these galactic Satanic parasites and their religion of Satanic and Luciferian Human Sacrificial Ritual that includes all of the Elitist's (Rothschild-Rockefeller-Bush-Cheney, etc.) architect-ed wars for their ongoing human sacrifice and for their harvesting humans for their pedophile and perverted entertainment.

If you are not a part of this all powerful cult tied to the P1 and P2 Masonic Lodge, then they make sure that you have nothing, and not even your own children whereas, they make sure that their CPS, (Child Prostitution Services) will steal your children just like they have done to millions of unsuspecting American families.

Consider the courageous Robert E. Lee Lewis (now deceased) after four years of illegal detainment at the Joplin Missouri Federal Detention Facility, shortly after his release in April of 2002, they had Bob on the Job disappeared.

Bob on the Job Robert E. Lee Lewis had broken the original story on the Polly Klass murder being directly linked to her being ritualistically raped and murdered at the Bohemia Grove with this story
that was originally published in the Americans Bulletin.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s investigator and journalist Robert E. Lee Lewis Bob on the Job had been the lead investigator for the then U.S. Senator Chuck Percy whereas, Bob became the lead investigator for the U.S. Senate under Chuck Percy from 1967 to 1973, and then became courier and investigator for the U.S. Senate on Organized Crime.

Publishing his books in Americans Bulletin (based out of the State of Oregon) ( from 1990 to 1998 until George Bush had ordered Bob's illegal arrest in Houston, due to Bob's next book that was about to be published on the coming Bush Vote Fraud, Bush Senior got wind of what Bob was about to have published and had the Texas Rangers illegally arrest Bob in 1998.

The arrest of Bob on the Job was set up by the Houston (alleged? yah right alleged) Mob Attorney named Joe Isen ( of Bellaire, Texas and his legal assistant at the time who was a former Federal Prisoner named Vance Beaudreau. While the sheep are sleeping, the predators move in -

So Bush Senior had Robert E. Lee Lewis silenced forever.
Bob on the Job had courageously risked his life for more then thirty years trying to awake the American people of the Rothschild Rockefeller
and later the Bush Crime syndicates and in 1971 published his
investigative research on the Kennedy Assassination in the New
Republic magazine being the longest article to that time in this historical publication.

It was Bob Lewis who broke the stories on former Clinton Tsar on Terrorism Oliver Buck Revelle playing a key role in the Kennedy Assassination cover-up, tying in Oswald to the KGB and the CIA, and Naval Intelligence that Oliver Buck Revelle had been the head officer in charge with this cover up at that time. Oliver Buck Revelle as Bob Lewis would continuously mention had been one of the key people calling for Bob's murder for more then twenty seven years leading to more then ninety attempts on Bob's life and placing Bob in comas and hospitalization many times.

Bob on the Job Bob Lewis had exposed the Oliver Buck Revelle tie into the Pan Am 103 cover up including the planned murder of Major Charles McKee and his five investigators returning from the Middle East on Pan Am 103, with information that would have indicted Bush Senior and half of the U.S. State Department at that time. whereas even Oliver Buck Revelle's son who had been scheduled to be on that same Pan Am 103 holiday flight had been detoured from boarding the plane along with approximately seventy other returning State Department personnel only minutes from final boarding call.

Bob on the Job revealed the Oklahoma City Bombing being tied
to the Bush Crime Syndicate, to the CIA, to Clinton, to the German BKA and to the head of the German BKA Otto Strassmeir and his son Andreas Strassmeir (McVeigh's assigned handler) and the Murrah Federal Building bombing being used to destroy evidence on the Bush Oliver North Iran Contra Guns for Drugs operations, and a great deal more on all of their vast global CIA criminal activities. (This is why they took down building number 7, at the WTC complex, to destroy evidence).
04/28/01 - Extreme Judicial Corruption and Actions
by the United States Against the American People.

Bob on the Job - Rober E. Lee Lewis had investigated the tie in
to the Bohemia Grove murder of Polly Klass and the following is an
article that I wrote for Bob in 2001.

In 1998 apparently under orders from Bush Senior, I lost everything that I had owned due to operatives tied to Houston Attorney Joe Isen, his legal assistant named Vance Beaudreau, Seattle Financial Adviser named Michael Kunath, a former IRS attorney named Rochelle Parask, and her two Mob associates who work for the Mob operated towing companies in Seattle named Terry Heston, and Bill Schroeder.

Whereas their concerted effort including forgery of everything that I had owned (Terry Heston and Bill Schroeder with their lock smith licenses were able to enter my home and storage facilities and find the titles to all of my properties and holdings) including my former residence locate at 22025 Redmond Fall City Way in Redmond Washington. They then transferred the titles and certificates over to a trust named the William P. Wilson Enterprise Trust that had nothing to do with me whatsoever.

Apparently this all happened due to my having been the writer who had written the nine books for Bob Lewis from 1990 to 1998 until they had Bob arrested in Houston in automobile that I had loaned to him to help him with the investigation of the Bush Crime Family vote fraud agenda.

When I went to retrieve my car at the Houston Secret Service offices in 1999, Bush Senior and the Secret Service took it upon themselves
to have my Dodge Neon, filled up with sewage. Probably another form of Satanic Ritual no doubt.

While I was opening my car door that day I had looked up at
the Secret Service Building to view George Bush Senior staring
down at me from the top floor offices. These are serious sick
Satanic evil scum and their day will come for their judgement.
Bush Senior then proceeded to have his minions and agents use Psychotronic Weapons on me, and further have everything that I had
owned, and had worked for my entire life destroyed.

Making sure that I would be forced to be homeless for the rest of
my life. I have since been forced to live in the extremely corrupt town of Seattle that is controlled by the Gambino and Bonanno Crime Families and their NSA-FBI-CIA-US Marshals P1 and P2 Masonic Lodges.;article=127911;article=133662

After having produced more then 1,600 TV shows at the Seattle Community Access Network Television facility from 2002 to June of this year, the Seattle City Council has now forced SCANTV to be closed down this last June of 2011 here in Seattle,

The corrupt Seattle City Council closed down the SCANTV facility on orders to shut down the Northwest community's ability to exercise their free speech. Like shutting down the weekly televised programs Truth vs. News, Call4Investigation, All Day Live, All Ways Pursuing Truth, Beyond the Headlines, Democracy Now, and other incredible broadcasts providing Free Speech, etc.

Our television programs included interviews with leading Northwest political figures, like that of former All Pro Football player Clint Didier, the respected Rev. Donovan Rivers, to Federal whistle blowers like Dr. William B. Mount, Judge David Wynn Miller ( and Budigan Law Firm founder Bill Budigan ( leading the way to creating Legal Media Journalism here in the Northwest and our programs had grown to being in the many millions of weekly viewers due to SCANTV having become a world leader in on-line 24/7 streaming broadcast.

They have since closed down the SCANTV facility and have transferred it's control over to the SCCTV Seattle Community College Television operations: Beginning July 1, 2011, SCCtv will operate the City of Seattle's public access channel.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=a6dd9527a3a501e9&biw=1280&bih=861

I, Will P. Wilson, made sure that their (The Seattle City Council) were beyond being stupid to pursue to destroy the SCANTV facility located at 98th and Aurora in North Seattle, that was a Public Access Network channel, thereof, their destroying SCANTV would make Seattle
the laughing stock of the world.

Now the city of Seattle City Council after having the title of the SCANTV facility transferred illegally over to them, they are now realizing that they have a serious problem with the expense of taking care of an empty facility for the next three years that is a facility that could have been used to create jobs and new media sectors that would have only helped build the Northwest economy.

When I had provided to them with a formal outline that showed the city that the SCANTV facility should have been kept open in order to be used to train law students and other learning sectors of the endeavors of media to be able to create media outreach and future jobs.

The former notoriously corrupt Mayor Nichols had appointed a Diane Ferguson to manage the SCANTV facility she ran it for solely and only for herself, and now she is thinks that she is running for Seattle City Council, (That makes sense considering that only criminals run this town.) that Diane Ferguson is now under FBI investigation for also having been found embezzling donations amounting into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. That also make sense.

Media is a product and media products increase enterprise.
They didn't care in the least and now the City of Seattle is stuck
with an empty facility that was a state of the art media complex, and now having to foot the bill for this now empty building.
The greedy insane mental midgets have taken over everything haven't they. They don't create anything but they sure can steel destroy and feed their own greed, can't they.
All News Articles Below were written by Will P. Wilson and published over this past ten years on the http:/ Message (News) Board:
Bush/CIA/Mafia Mind Control Victim
Bush Family Mass Murderers
Fri Jul 11 03:50:07 2003
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Gary Ridgeway, a decoy to save Satanic Establishment. Pt 2
Sat Jan 24 17:16:24 2004
The Satanic Elites:World Domination Pt 3
Report Email - Written by SK8NUT4 on Jul-9-08 Blog-spot
Originally written by Will P. Wilson.
Bush/CIA/NSA/Mafia Mind Control Victims
David Icke risked his life to inform Public of Truth
Sat Jan 24 20:10:32 2004
Monsanto My Satan,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=a6dd9527a3a501e9&biw=1280&bih=888
The Bohemian Grove and the Murder of Polly Klaas
July 13,2001 -

Polly Hannah Klaas was kidnapped at knife point from her bedroom slumber party on October 1, 1993, the community of Petaluma, California responded with a spontaneous and unprecedented effort to find her. Thousands of volunteers from the San Francisco Bay Area and across the nation joined in what became an international search for the missing 12 year-old. Her dead body was later recovered and Richard Allen Davis was charged with the murder.

I recently received this information below anonymously and am posting it unchanged. I have no way to verify this information. It is my hope that if there are other criminals involved as this report below attests to, that posting this will help flush out those other evil entities engaged in the rape and murder of Polly Klass. Was the case over when Richard Allen Davis was found guilty and sentenced to death? Or was the Bohemian Grove Club a silent accomplice? J.E.Whisler
Important story written for Bob on the Job, and the American's Bulletin concerning the Richard Allen Davis abduction and rape of Polly Klass, and the delivering of Polly Klass to the Bohemia Grove Club, where she was further raped, tortured, and sacrificed to the elite's Satanic Gods. This matter in part, is why George Bush Senior had Bob on the Job, Robert E. Lee Lewis arrested and placed in a Federal Detention Center. Because Bob had proven that the Pedeluma
Police Department and the two police officers who had been on duty that night, had lied at the Polly Klass, and Richard Allen Davis murder trial.

Bob went to the Pedeluma Police Department's radio maintenance man, who informed Bob that the two police officers had lied about they're never receiving the radio report that Polly Klass had been kidnapped. The two Police Officers claimed at the trial that they had never received the Police Department radio transmitted alert of the kidnapping, because they had claimed that they're Squad Car's radio was not w

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