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William Mount
Wed Jul 20, 2011 14:45

Why is it that when someone talks about the Living God folks just roll their eyes in the back of their head and say: Ya, right and their eyes glaze over.

When the Living God said that there would be a sunspot today about 2 weeks ago HE meant exactly that. This was posted here on APFN and Pravda.

It was not some "Universal Understanding" or an "Enlightened Master" that gave this information by "Unveiling Some Mist." These types of words are words a sister of mine used to use when she came home high on Haroin or LSD. "Embrace the Light" she would say as her eyes rolled back into her head.

When God said the Pope would have a minor Heart Attack and he had to visit the hospital yesterday "For a Broken Hand" and came out without a cast on - something was up - he had a minor heart attack. The Pope did not then go back to another Hospital just to "Bless the Macaroni and Cheese" for some kids. His chest hurt like heck.

The Pope, Lucifer Incarnate, had a Minor Heart Attack.

All of Lucifer's Horses and all of Lucifer's Men could not stop the sunspot or heart attack again.

Lucifer is a looser and so are those who follow him.

One Angel holds back ALL of Lucifer's angels from changing the sun.

Deal with it.

Senator Lieberman did not go into Closed Chambers all day yesterday to play "Tiddlywinks." His chest hurt, just like the Living God said it would.

We are not "masters of our own universe," God is.

It was not a "Higher Level of Conciousness" or "Enlightenment" that is causing these sun spots that are currently causing temperatures to reach 124 Degrees in Oklahoma.

It is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords that is trying to get people's attention. He is saying: "Turn towards me and I will heal your land."

It is very simple.

There is only one God and HE wants a relationship with you, not through a church or some guy claiming to he holier than thou saying "Give me money and God Bless."

So pray right now that you can have a relationship with this Living God.

Just Ask - it is that simple folks.

As for Lucifer - your days are numbered. You felt pain today for the first time because you refused to do as God asked. It is only the beginning - get used to it.

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta

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