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William Mount
Tue Jul 26, 2011 05:46

A few days ago a bomb, or series of bombs, blew up the government buildings in Oslo.

A few minutes later there were dozens of Children and Counselors at a Youth Camp on an island 6 hours away that were also gunned down.

First: Lets examine the blast areas in Oslo. The glass, cement, and other rubble were blow out into the streets, not into the buildings. Looking at the photos there wold have had to have been several internal bombs that went off simultaneously to do this much damage - like in the Oklahoma City Bombing.

A 500 pound Fertilizer Bomb would not have done that much damage. As a retired Combat Engineer we built things and blew them up. Perhaps there was a car bomb, but there were lots of other explosives there as well to do this much damage.

Retired Captain - Combat Engineer.

Second: The single bomber would have had to mysteriously go from Oslo to Utoya Island Instantly and then set himself up in the woods with Semi-Automatic weapons to conduct this operation. Isn't it interesting that a "False Norwegian Passport" for this mass murderer has already surfaced.

Now how is he going to go 6 hours away in what - 30 minutes ad set this up in the woods?

Ya - right.

Third: Oslo Police conducted a Bombing Exercise 2 days earlier just down the street from the Government Buildings - firing an explosive charge into the streets without warning the public. No mention of this anywhere.

Fourth: The Prime Minister of Norway called Putin in Moscow 2 days before the attack asking the Prime Minister of Russia to stop the Terrorist Attack when it occurred.

Fifth: I received an E-mail that also was sent to the Prime Minister of Canada warning about a False Flag in Possibly Germany on 22 July 2011. The Canadian Prime Minister took no action.

None - no action. Completely ignored the e-mail. No response.

Sixth: This bombing was perfectly timed with the theft of 64 Nuclear Warheads in Romania so as to cover this story up. By the way Intel Geeks: one nuke is in London in the old subway system, 3 are now just North of the US East of Niagara Falls about 150 miles, 15 are still in Minsk, 34 in Serbia, and 10 are on the move in Southern Romania - one will be headed to Rome, 1 Moscow(?).

Seventh: News stories were prepared in advance and all use the same Fascist Lingo Adolf Hitler used against the Jews: The bomber was a: Republican Tea Party Member, Conservative Knights Templar, Right Wing, White Agenda, Cultural Conservative, Christian Radical, Free Mason Terrorist, White Racist Bagger Program, etc.

Eighth: The US President and Vice President had the nerve to enter the Norwegian Embassy and "Give their condolences and ask if they got the message?" this morning. I would have arrested them the second they stepped on Norwegian Property.

Here is the message:

a) You will buy US Debt Notes - and allot of them.
b) You will bring in more Muslims and put them on welfare.
c) You will sell your oil rights to the IMF owned companies.
d) You will put US Nuclear Weapons on Norwegian Soil.
e) You will send more troops to Iraq.
f) You will cooperate and do as you are told by the Rothschild Banking Family or you can expect more of this.

NORWAY: Tron Berntsen was killed, Son of Princess Metre Marits step father. in addition, 91 other Norwegians were slaughtered in a Special Ops Operation to make you bow to the David Rothschild in London.

It seems like you had a spat with another Fascist Pig names Adolf Hitler 9 April 1940? Remember that?

Adolf Hitler was funded by IMF owned Corporations like Ford and General Electric. In fact - NAZI Tiger Tanks were built by the Ford Motor Company in Germany and when US bombers blew the factory up Ford sewed the US courts and was paid for the loss.

In addition, until 7 December 1941 Boeing was manufacturing Planes for NAZI Germany. It is likely that the planes that initially bombed Norway 9 April 1940 were made right here in Seattle. I found this little known fact in an old book showing NAZI planes made by Boeing.

The real question now is: King Harold 5th and Prime Minieter: WHat are you going to do about it?

Do you have the guts of your fathers and will you fight this FASCIST foe?

His Master Satan is defeated, unable to stop even a sun spot r Earth Quake?

If I were the Norwegian Ambassador to the US I would have arrested Obama and Biden during their early morning visit today for murder. Perhaps that is why I am no longer an Ambassador - I would protect my people like your fathers did would only 66 years ago.

Norway - have you forgotten the sting of FACISM, what National Socialists (NAZI) are really capable of doing?

Are you now Cowards in the face of your fathers?

Look your fathers mother, your grandfathers and grandmothers, in the eyes and tell them:


Tell them that.

Pray with me right now, visualize in your mind, that this evil that has done this is immediately destroyed with no survivors. Pray that this kind of evil is permanently removed from Planet Earth Immediately and forever.

APFN - You, praying together, are the most powerful audience in hte world right now.

Thank you for reading and good night.

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta
Cpt (Ret) EN - Combat Engineer,. Build it up, blow it up. That's what we did.

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