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Eyewitness to Norwegian Massacre: Survivor Recalls Attack
Tue Jul 26, 2011 18:56

Eyewitness to Norwegian Massacre: Survivor Recalls Attack at Island Youth Camp

Norwegian police have widened their investigation into Friday’s mass killing after the alleged shooter, Anders Behring Breivik, told a court in Oslo on Monday that he had "two further cells" in his organization. During the hearing, Breivik accepted responsibility for the attacks but denied charges of terrorism. Norwegian media reports that if he is convicted of crimes against humanity, he could receive a 30-year sentence. At least 76 people were killed and 96 others wounded when Breivik allegedly set off a bomb outside government buildings in Oslo and then opened fire on a Labour Party summer camp for youth activists. We are joined from Oslo by Ali Esbati, one of the survivors of the shooting. He is an economist who was at the camp on Norway’s Utoya Island to give a workshop and escaped the shooting by diving into the water. "I saw a young girl, 18 or 19, who had been shot, and she kept repeating that 'If I die here, please remember that you're all fantastic, and keep up your struggle.’" [includes rush transcript]


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  • OSLO BOMBINGWilliam Mount, Tue Jul 26 05:46
    A few days ago a bomb, or series of bombs, blew up the government buildings in Oslo. A few minutes later there were dozens of Children and Counselors at a Youth Camp on an island 6 hours away that... more
    • Eyewitness to Norwegian Massacre: Survivor Recalls Attack — APFN, Tue Jul 26 18:56
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