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William Mount
Wed Jul 27, 2011 04:33


We talk about "They" all the time.

They raise taxes.

They destroy small businesses.

They start wars.

Well - here goes.

"They" are Satan's (Lucifer's) workers. The Angels of "Light." The Enlightened ones. Yet they fear exposure - Light. They hide behind titles and the press, afraid of the public.

So who are they on Earth and how are they organized and what is their goal?

The Pope in Rome claims to be "Jesus Incarnate. Infallible, Never does wrong." According to Count Hans Kovlenbach 15 Apt 2000 in "The Most Powerful Man In The World.": The name Yeshua was changed to Jesus, meaning "Light", or another term for Lucifer. Thus when you praise Jesus you praise Lucifer (Satan). So - the Pope is Lucifer incarnate.

Lucifer's goal is to bring Lucifer's Kingdom the Earth.

This is the same Pope who stated on 23 Dec 2010 to his Cardinals in Rome: "The Church has been in full conformity with Pedaphelia since the early 1970's."

Translation, Black's Law Dictionary 1960: The church has ordered the raping and beating of children since the early 1970's.


The Pope's Organization:

1) The Jesuits. If you disobey orders from the Pope and his workers these Cowards act as Hit Men and kill you, physically of financially.

2) Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta. In 1798 the order left Malta and went to Russia along with their original King of Malta and are headquartered in Saint Petersburg. The Pope began a new "De Jur" order. Since the Original Order had been "Absolved of Sins" the new order was thus created illegally.

It was the Original Blood Line King of Malta that knighted me and gave me some tremendous blessings. My passports are posted on

These Pope's Knight's of Malta - like Ollie North and Ben Bernanke - are placed throughout the world to ensure that things run in accordance with the orders of the Pope. They are the "Untouchables." The leaders of the Military and Financial worlds. They have access to unlimited funds.

3) Rome's Religious Council: They run all religions. The "Arab League of Nations" has the Roman Laurels in their symbols (For Example) and therefor all religions in these nations answer to an Arch Bishop in Rome. Zorastrians, Budhists, World Council of Churches, Baptists, Protestants - all answer to this Roman Arch Bishop. Only the Orthodox Russian and Greek Religions do not answer to this Roman Arch Bishop.

The Pope has a Blood Oath not to touch these Religions and before the Thrown of the Living God this Blood Oath was placed for immediate discipline for those who dare.

4) The Financial Side. This is run by the Pope's Financial Manager - David A Rothschild in London. Here in London in a 677 Acre area that was set aside in the year 1215 to be outside of England all financial matters are conducted for the entire globe. All National Banks - like the US Federal Reserve Bank - are owned by the IMF, which is owned by David A. Rothschild.

These folks set the price of Oil, Gold, Etc. They plan Natural Disasters and Wars to bring about financial gain. World War 1, World War 2, Bombing of Libya - all ordered by David A. Rothschild.

When a Nation stops being in Debt to the IMF - like Libya, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Norway they order them to take on loans. If they say: "No" they are then usually given a warning - I.E. Norway a few days ago. If they ignore this they are killed and new leaders put in their place who will cooperate with the IMF.

Any Nation that resists the IMF their Hit Men are used to bring them into submission. These include: Jesuits, US and UK Soldiers.

Obama answers to David A. Rockefeller.

Those in the Rockefeller Financial Center in New York has ordered the violation of Federal Statutes for 40 years and forced the continued payments of Social Security to Non-Americans. Currently this is costing you, the tax payer, $2 Trillion Dollars this year alone.

The entire US deficit for 40 years - causing inflation - was ordered by this office in New York.

This US Corporation owns Worldwide $100 Trillion Dollars in stocks, bonds and other liquidable Assets who's profits pour into the IMF while you falter under the weight of a $14 trillion dollar debt.

Remember - these stocks and bonds were bought with US Taxpayer moneys and should belong to you. Instead they belong to the IMF.

Angry yet?

Lucifer loves pain - he feeds on the energy of anger.

This is why in 1871 the "Constitution for the united states of America" was changed to the "Constitution of the United States of America" and in 1876 the United States was sold to the the Rothschild Banking Family in Rome for debts incurred during the Civil War. See 22UCS286, 5USC105, US Senate Report 93-549. It gave the Rothschild the right to order US troops into Iraq, Bosnia, etc.

The Rothschilds have 4 Illuminati Offices. They are in:
a) New York - David A Rockefeller.
b) Paris - those who meet in the "Bergstrom Hotel."
c) Singapore.
d) Roving Office.

5) Other Organizations. These answer directly to one of the 4 offices listed in 1-4 include: CFR, Masons, Free Masons, Knights of Columbus, Skull and Bones, etc.

6) A new Office set up by Rupert Murdock - tThe Press. Here stories are set up worldwide for release. They are not perfect. For example, the BBC released that Obama had been shot twice on 4 July 2011, Remember? The shooter who was supposed to do this task was arrested in South Dakota (John v McVeigh, a CIA name) 2 July 2011. The BBC never got the word, but FOX news did - so they did not release the story.

We had already warned Obama about the threat his life on TV back in January.

The next threat to him will be 23 Aug 2011. That makes 13 we have warned him about. Twelve were attempted and thwarted. See previous stories on APFN, Pravda and Channels 77 and Channels 23 in Seattle.


SO - how to we stop all this madness?

We know that Satan is a defeated Foe - "Resist Him And He Will Flee."

All of Satan's Horses and All of Satan's Men could not stop Sunspots, Earthquakes, economic disasters as we said would occur on Ch 77 Seattle, Pravda and here on APFN.

If any world leader had the guts to stand up to Satan then Satan would flee.

Unfortunately it appears that in order to become a World Leader you must swear loyalty to Satan.

King Harold the 5th of Norway had a member of his family killed in the Oslo Bombings/Shootings - Trond Berntsen - and he has not acted. Afraid perhaps? A bit of a Coward? Maybe.

Pray with me now - many call it "Visualization" to a Higher Being - that the eyes of those who follow Satan realize he is a defeated foe, a looser unable to stop even one Angel Of God form messing with the Sun and the Earth. a "God" who has seen his own mortality now.

Pray also that the Living God moves people to begin praying to stop these Mad Men from destroying this nation and this planet.

Pray also for the owners of APFN that they may see their profits soar and be renewed in their attitudes and realize how important they have become in the eyes of the Living god.

Finally, Pray with me that the stories you read here go viral.

For people to wake up they need the truth. Put these stories in every e-mail account worldwide. Put them into FOX and CNN news boxes. Send them to Prime Ministers and Presidents Congressmen and Senators worldwide - to the Russian Legislators.

Send these stories out far and wide - if you fear retaliation - send them out in my name. Use my e-mail address.

My life belongs the the Living God - they can't touch me without God's Permission and every time they do they get clobbered by the Living God.

These Elites - "They" fear exposure the most - so anger those who are destroying your lives - "WAKE UP THE WORLD."

APFN Readers - you can make these go viral - you have the expertise to do this. There are over 500,000 readers daily. My producer - Will P. Wilson - a simple Disable Vet - then sends them out to another 500,000 readers. Follow him and make ALL of these go viral.

Lucifer - the god of light - who is destroying your life - fears light the most, exposure. So send him light.

Together you, the APFN audience, are the most "powerful" audience in the world right now. Use this "Power" to save this planet.

For the next week I may be on vacation, but you readers are in my heart and I pray for all of you daily for money and health.

Thank you for reading this and good night.

Honorable Grace
Dr. William B. Mount
Knight of Malta
Cpt (Ret) US

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