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William Mount
Mon Aug 15, 2011 06:05


For those of you who are new to this game, a False Flag operation is one conducted by people in your own government to achieve a goal - like war.

On 8 July there was a small train robbery in Guirgiu Romania. No biggie - right?

The train was carrying 64 Nuclear warheads and was headed for an arms manufacturer in Bulgaria.

All of the 10 guards - Local Police - were up front watching TV at the time of the robbery.

These warheads were then transported in 3 SUV's (One may be a Sedan) and to a location in South Central Romania and put up for bid.

As you recall: 34 went to Serbia and are currently hidden underground near the Sariavo area in Serbia, and 15 were shipped to Minsk - thank you Russia and Bellarus. They just did not bring enough cash to buy the whole lot. The sellers got greedy and demanded around $2 Million/Warhead.

Five were shipped to Northern Poland and shipped out on a Private Submarine with the Rothschild Red Shield on it - see the back of a New US Penney. They have been running arms to support both sides of most wars now for about 300 years using this shield. One of these Nukes was dropped off near Scapa Flow in England and went by train to London where it remains in an old part of the Subway System. Four went to an underground base just south of Halifax, Canada.

Form Halifax these 4 nukes were transported by underground train to just outside of Buffalo, NY. From there they went to their respective points of detonation: NY, DC, Chicago, and one is still in transit in Texas headed West, I believe.

Intel agencies can contact me regarding the exact locations if they can't find them

The other 10 were sold at an auction in South Western Romania about 10 days ago and the auction turned to Rat Poop. One weapon was dropped and started leaking so everyone ran, one weapon was purchased and transferred to the catacombs under Rome, 3 went North and the guy is camping right now, 4 headed NW, and one is headed to the boarder of the Ukraine near Odessa. The guy who is camping is sick from radiation poisoning.

May I recommend that if this guy headed to the Ukraine has the guts to give it the the Ukraine Boarder Guards near Odessa that President Yanakovich - you treat him very well and you may get the other 7. Tell no one, just treat him well. His nerves are fried. Then put out a reward for the other 7 and give these thieves immunity. Put out htat you will treat his "Sickness." I believe he will be in a 4 door sedan.

Remember - each Nuke has a Transponder the US Nuclear Forces are keyed to. I am reading about 485KH. So - Leon Pinetta can track these, if he so desires.

Whether or not more were added to this coming Melee - I do not know.

This Rothschild Banking Family really wants to see massive War immediately.

As for Elenin - each Alignment I have tracked was an excuse for the Underground Government in Denver to carry out threats against various governments on behalf of the Rothschild's in London by creating Earth Quakes and then telling the public: Oh, it's Nibiru. Wormwood , Etc.

It's called Blackmail and Murder.

The "Space Ships" NASA "Leaked" showed huge ships behind Nibiru with Headlights. What does an interstellar space ship 200 miles wide need with 4 huge Head Lights? Yeah - exactly. More NASA lies.

Besides - if the US wanted to blow this thing apart with nukes - they have the capability.

It's all Smoke and Mirrors.

Nibiru Earthquakes are just Smoke and Mirrors to calm the "Savage Beasts" - the Public.

Either way - within a month this object will be visible and we will know the truth.

The anticipated detonation time is about 5 days after 9/11, although this may change drastically now that everyone knows who is behind this False Flag - Yup - The David Rothschild in London, assisted by David Rockefeller in New York.

As for Miami, Seattle and Los Angeles - you are high on the list to go by by.

I am also reading huge Nuke under Yellow Stone AMEC just upgraded and 3 along the Mississippi River set to crack the New Madrid Fault and blow Thunder Horse sky high.

Either one blows - Million of America's die and several Governor's Offices simply disappear. You cannot run faster than a Nuke.

In fact - either one goes and thousands of Soldiers will also die.

These folks do not care about killing US Soldiers - you are "Collateral Damage." US Special Forces, 160th Ops, etc - Cannon Fodder.

Thank you Steven Quayle and for posting these stories.

It is difficult to access this information living in a large city due to the Electromagnetic Interferences.

Welcome to my world.

Pray - visualize - for about 30 Seconds that the Rothschild Plan for setting off Nukes in any nation falls apart and that those who are looking for these weapons are guided tot them immediately.

Pray - visualize - with me that those palling these evil things are immediately removed from this planet forever.

One last thing - thank the Big Boss Upstairs for this information.

You are a great audience APFN, the most powerful, smartest, active reading audience in the world- and now one of the biggest in the world.

Thank you for reading and good night.

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta
Cpt (Ret) USA

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