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Unidentified Gyroscopic Aether Craft Observed Recently in US
Mon Aug 22, 2011 14:19

Two important YouTube videos that should be seen by the concerned American, the Canadian, and the readers.

First notice the blinking light on the saucer shaped (Gyroscopic-Aether) craft, and then secondly, notice that the two trailing military aircraft are not of conventional fighter jet architecture:
Incredible Two Military Jets Convoy A UFO 8 11 Video.flv
xclucifer's Channel -

And this (Youtube video) from a few weeks ago that is also important to realize that something is up and it isn't just something that is up in the air, it is in the airing and the error-ing of their, the Elitist's hidden and all encompassing agenda that is being guided by those who have been mis-leading us, who are we who have been so very blindly mis-led by them for so very long.
Ufo ? Mass Sighting
Uploaded by njorgensen1154 on Aug 13, 2011 - njorgensen1154
Search for Truth - njorgensen1154's Channel

And. remember that these objects and these vehicles are being guided by and being controlled by "Gyroscopic-Aether," technologies, and the Globalist Parasites want only themselves to be able to only and solely understand anything about this next level of Physical Understanding:



"The Gyroscopic Aether" OR "A Steampunk Conspiracy"
Posted by Atem Si Alset on May 10, 2011 at 11:59am in General Chat Linked from:

willpwilson, While Everyone is tuned to Space Ships - Gyroscopic Aether
Fri Nov 13, 2009;article=127329;

willpwilson, Hydroxy Gas, or Browns Gas will Neutralize Nuclear Anything. Sun Mar 20, 2011;article=136305;title=APFN

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Jay Rockefeller says the Internet should have never been created

Isn't about time that we the good people of this nation and of all good nations to begin now to Visually Combine Our Simultaneous Visualizations to now see these Crime Families and these Criminal Networks to simply just disappear from our planet for ever.

It can happen, and if we the good and concerned peoples of this planet now get our awareness up to speed as soon as possible, that our Planetary Visual Defense of our world can make the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and all of their Satanic Zionist Minions just simply go into another dimension and to now leave our future destiny and our children's future and proper destiny alone, once and for all .

Our Combined Planetary Visual (Worldwide) Defense can also now shield our entire planet and our moon and our solar system from this impending celestial event that is pending to occur very soon concerning the Elenin and Nibiru circumstances.
Wednesday, May 4, 2011
Bad News from NASA: Proof That Comet Elenin Is Affecting Earth

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Can We Deflect An Earthbound Asteroid?
Wednesday, August 17, 2011 9:54
Jobless total exceeds population of all but four states
By Zachary Roth | The Lookout

Bloomberg Reveals Massive Corruption in the Private Federal Reserve
Monday, August 22, 2011 4:19

The Electromagnetic Bomb - a Weapon of Electrical Mass Destruction
Carlo Kopp - Defence Analyst - Melbourne, Australia -

Posted 24 January 2007 - 09:43 PM
How do you think the coverage of this story would be if it was Iran's military building a fake Israeli town?

A senior Iranian commander said that the US plans massive deployments of police forces in major cities
Ron Paul to Eliot Spitzer: 'You Speak for the Status Quo So Clearly'
RevolutionNewsDotUS2 -

Instead of Elliot Spitzer being sued by these Wall Street criminals for his having reported the truth about them (Or did he actually report the truth?), isn't it about time that these now over zealous criminals who have so willfully been stealing all or most of the wealth of this nation, to now be arrested instead of their now being allowed to be able to sue the messengers of truth like Elliot Spitzer who had the courage to report the truth on them most likely? Again is Elliot Spitzer compromised by the establishment?

The following named parties in this linked news article that is linked below who are named as the plaintiffs in the law suits that are being described in this news article, and who they may be truly as mentioned the scapegoats and that they may not even be the criminals that Elliott Spitzer may have claimed that they are?

But further realize as to how many of the other Wall Street Banking and Insurance Criminals there really are, and how do you begin to sort them out and make them to begin to be rightfully accountable for their vast and on going and never ending criminal activities against the best interests of the American and world peoples?

How many more illegal predatory wars are these Wall Street (Rothschild - Rockefeller - Zionist) bankers going to be committing us the good people of this planet to continue their hidden and blatant agendas of war crimes and oil pillaging like that of what they are now doing in the countries of Libya, and next Syria and then soon also Iran?

Libya, Syria, and Iran owe no debt to Rothschild. So Rothschild who has now taken complete control of all of our nation's entire Military Industrial war machines, is now using our nations best interests, and our nation's young people and our military as a criminal warring entity to now be forced to carry out their, the Rothschilds, vast and unceasing war crimes against these nations let alone the vast crimes that they have been committing for so long against the American, Canadian, European, and world peoples as well.

We as a people of this nation need to now Visually See these Criminals being arrested and in handcuffs. Like for instance these criminals possibly: "William Gilman, a former Marsh executive marketing director, and Edward McNenney, a former Marsh global placement director, contended that they were defamed by the column, which appeared thee months after a (corrupt) judge threw out their convictions on felony antitrust charges. Neither is named in the column." The truth on these two men needs to be made apparent and did Elliot Spitzer report the truth in his editorial column on them or did he lie about them?

Obviously Elliot Spitzer wasn't just possibly reporting lies about these criminals (Or was he?) and why would he have taken the time to write about what they had done to (allegedly") steal and to rip off the American people. What did they do or did someone else actually make them the scapegoats for the more hidden and more persuasive interests who always have their targeted fall guys ready to fall for other people's crimes? Is Elliot Spitzer compromised? They handed him a prestigious mainstream high paying media fugure-head position didn't they? They don't hand me or you these high paying jobs with prestige do they? They usually give these cushy media positions to their fellow insider Rothschild Zionazis and to their insider secret society illuminaries don't they?

And, now these parties who are further mentioned in this linked news article below are going to file law suits against Elliot Spitzer for his simply doing his willful duty (Or was he reporting for some other interests to go after some targeted scapegoats?) to report about the now vastly gross criminal activities that they for example must have been committing, vis a vis, Mr. William Gilman, and Mr. Edward McNenney, who have been willfully (allegedly?) carrying out their Wall Street crimes against the best interests of the American people.

Or are they simply being scapegoated as that the insider Zionazis always go after targeted non insiders don't they?

Spitzer sued for libel over his Slate column
ReutersBy Jonathan Stempel
Tased From Above! New Robot Copter To Begin Patrolling Our Skies (video) Singularity Hub

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