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Wed Aug 24, 2011 15:31

So, youve made us aware that all should be grateful for you making this site so popular, then proceed to offer us perhaps the most fake video of a ufo with "fighter planes". Was that some kind of joke?

  • Two important YouTube videos that should be seen by the concerned American, the Canadian, and the readers. First notice the blinking light on the saucer shaped (Gyroscopic-Aether) craft, and ... more
    • A REPLY — Butlincat2012, Wed Aug 24 15:31
      • If this UFO video, (linked below) is fake, then how do you know that it is fake? I sure cannot tell that it is fake. In fact, the video is one of the most (appearing tobe) authentic UFO videos that I ... more
        • W. WILLSON - REAL OR FAKE UFO VIDSButlincat2012, Thu Aug 25 18:07
          Mr. Wilson - there are tons of really good ufo vids that are completely fake - i had many in my last now deleted youtube a/c. This one just looks manufactured to me. As a commentator to the video... more
        • Cover art by David Dees Click here for details and trailer ... David Icke's Extraordinary Book Triggers Storm of Interest... more
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